Health and men are different, health care does not raise illness


Health and men are different, health care does not raise “illness”

10000-1鈮?999, health is 1, seat, car, house, ticket, etc. are 0, with health, is 10000; no health, other 0 is no more meaning.

In the 2018 opening year, he published the “Beijing Middle Age under the Influenza” Pa-screen friends circle, Weibo and other major social media.

The 2W+ word article has been read by many people.

Why is that?

Because the author uses the most sensible words to express the pressure of the whole family, the pressure and helplessness of all aspects of the economy.

The 26th National Photography Art Exhibition was selected as “The Only Child”. Then, the selected work “Only Son” of a photo exhibition once again smashed social media.

A photo shows the only child in the face of the parents who are sick and hospitalized at the same time. 路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路Think of the essence of health and health!

Although we are always concerned about our health and paying attention to our well-being, but life, work, and economic pressures make our attention to health and health while only staying in the care, looking for health care.The restaurant is not in the air.

Conditioned friends in life, bird’s nest, shark’s fin, Cordyceps eat a lot, ordinary people’s red dates, eat a lot, the so-called emotional health chicken soup has done a lot of . and these general terms of health, andNothing actually works!

Chinese medicine believes that “the treatment is not ill, and the treatment is already ill.”

Going to treatment before you get sick, this is health.

However, you can know that there are differences between men and women, different seasons, and everyone is different. The way to keep in good health is a thousand miles, and you should not raise your disease!

What is the difference between health and men?

Chinese medicine explains that the male is yang, the female is yin, the movement is yang, and the static is yin. Therefore, the male should rely on eating to maintain the energy of the movement, so that the woman must rely on sleep to maintain the silence.status.

The so-called “men rely on eating women to sleep” health law.

However, it is a point for men to rely on sleeping women to sleep. In fact, both men and women should be different in terms of both eating and sleeping.

What is the difference between the four seasons of health?

TCM health is important in the integration of heaven and man. For example, in the Neijing, when the human body wants to go to the sky, that is, the change of the five movements and six qis, the key to the secret is to adapt to the changes of the yin and yang of the four times, and the human body can maintain health for a long time.
According to the four seasons, the four seasons of health care are for the liver, spring and summer, autumn and lung, and winter kidney.

The most impermanent of the four seasons is spring.

Therefore, human health must pay attention to start from the spring.

In the spring, all diseases are easy to develop, and a balanced diet is more important in nourishing the liver. The health of spring health is to keep the yang in the body!

Chinese medicine believes that Yangyang is healing the liver.

It is very important to protect the liver in spring. In the early winter, the rest of the winter is cold. It is necessary to follow the spring qi and eat more warm and yang food. In the late spring, it is easy to cause stagnation and heat in the body, causing leakage of body fluid, which can be properly matched.Some clear heat, nourish the liver, and moisturize the liver.