6 best-selling parity eye cream experience reports


6 best-selling parity eye cream experience reports

Affordable beauty products have always been good for school girls and money-saving OLs. This time, we recommend 6 affordable eye creams. Through continuous moisture assessment and live experience for a week, let the facts tell you which product is the most cost effective.

  OLAY Magnolia oil eye brightening cream 45 yuan / 25 grams Selling point: Contains 7 heavy herbal whitening essence, chamomile oil essence, helps to reduce dull skin around the eyes, skin around the eyes is more tender and smooth.

Soothes and nourishes the skin.

  PH value: 5.

4 Suitable pH, the product will not bring irritation to the skin.

  Protein: milky moisture content: before 43.

4% after 58.

5% difference: 15.

1 Freshness: ★★★★ Weak oiliness can be seen on the oil-absorbing paper, and the freshness is ideal.

  Usage report: Problem: 33 years old, with obvious dry lines, dry eye skin, a little dullness, and slightly swollen bags under the eyesThe effect of dry lines attenuating or disappearing is not obvious.

However, there were no adverse reactions such as unfortunate pills.

This magnolia oil will help to remove dark circles.

I don’t sleep well during use, but I don’t have dark circles, which may be related to the use of Magnolia oil sooner or later.

  FANCL no added skin firming eye cream 180 yuan / 8g selling point: for the fine lines around the eyes, fatigue and edema, improve the puffiness of the eye circles, brighten the skin around the eyes, so that the water accumulated around the eyes due to poor circulation is discharged, effectiveImprove edema.

  PH value: 5.

The pH value of 5 is very mild for the skin.

prior to.

After 5% 46.

8% difference: 11.

3 The skin moisture concentration is rapidly increased, and the humidity performance is good.

  Freshness: ★★ There are very obvious oil stains on the blotting paper.

But the skin absorbed quickly, and after 10 minutes, it was printed with oil-absorbing paper, and the oil stains were basically gone.

  Usage report: Problem: 29 years old, with fine lines, not dry. Feeling of use: At the beginning of use, I was concerned about the oiliness of the product, but later found that it was absorbed by the skin of the eye quickly, which led to the elimination of oily particleshighest.

After 5 days of use, the edema of the lower eye bags has obviously subsided. Although the fine lines have not been effectively lightened, the skin around the eyes has indeed been moisturized much more than before use, and there is no dryness.

  Herborist Eye Repair Gel 150 yuan / 20ml Selling point: moisturizing and helping to protect the fragile skin of the eye, significantly reducing the fine lines of the eye, more delicate and smooth.

  PH value: 5.

9Slightly weakly acidic product, mild in nature.

  41: Before.

59% after 6%.

7% difference: 18.

1Freshness: There is obvious oil content printed on oil-absorbing paper. Compared to its gel-like viscosity, the refreshment is slightly insufficient.

  Use report: Problem: 32-year-old with dry scars, especially in the afternoon, water scarcity is more serious. Feeling: This eye cream obviously feels that dry scars are well controlled during the trial.

The previously used eye cream started to dry at about 7:30 in the morning until about 4:00 in the afternoon. Dry eyes began to appear on the eyes. If you go out for a date at night, you must clean your face and remake your makeup to temporarily relieve the dehydration.

But after using this eye cream, this kind of situation will not happen, and the moisturizing effect is very good.

  Vichy Brightening Vitality Eye Cream 148 yuan / 4ml.

hzh {display: none; }  卖点:可有效去除黑眼圈,排除累积的毒素,眼袋减小.

  PH value: 7.
1Neutral pH value, dry skin may be slightly dry after use, and mildness is not ideal.

prior to.

8% 49 after 49.

2% difference: 1.

4 The skin moisture content is very limited, and the moisturizing effect is very average.

  Freshness: ★★★ It can be seen that some oils are attached to the paper. During actual use, the absorption rate is very fast.

  Usage report: Problem: 34 years old, dark circles, dry skin around the eyes, small fine lines under the eyes, slight under-eye bags feel: after a few days of use, the eyes are slightly swollen and dark circles are improved.

But the moisturizing effect is not long-lasting, and the skin above the eyes can still feel a little tight.

  Yuxi Zhenxi Whitening Eye Cream 160 yuan / 15 grams Selling point: Whitening new technology Syncro-White System Sync whitening system, can brighten the skin around the eyes, lighten dark circles; help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

  PH value: 5.

3 Mild index tends to PH value 5.

Before 5: 43.

8% -48 years old.

3% difference: 4.

5 Skin water content can only be seen to increase.

  Freshness: ★★★★ Usage report: Problem: 37 years old, slight dark circles, dryness, fine lines. Feeling of use: The prominent feeling is that when the eyes are tired, wash your face and apply eye cream.You will obviously feel relaxed and not tense.

Fine lines tend to fade.

  Eperan Moisturizing Eye Cream 80 yuan / 30g selling point: the use of Esculosideside and natural plant arbutin to strengthen capillaries can prevent and lighten dark circles, reduce eye wrinkles, and relieve skin fatigue.

Can be of any skin type.

Anti-wrinkle, remove dark circles.

  PH value: 5.

7Slightly weak acidic product, mild in nature.

  47.prior to.

After 3% 49.

3% difference: 2 Skin water content has only seen improvement.

  Freshness: ★★★★ Usage report: Problem: 25 years old, slight dark circles, dehydration, and feeling of using grains: The moisturizing feeling is strong, but there is no obvious change in dark circles after one week of use, but there are no long grains。
It seems that the water scar has faded.