10 foods can induce sleep and make you feel dawn_1

10 foods can induce sleep and make you feel dawn

Banana: In addition to stabilizing serotonin and melatonin, it also contains magnesium that can relax muscles.

  Chrysanthemum tea: It has a moderate sedative effect. It is a perfect natural countermeasure for nerves or bodies that cannot relax.

  Warm milk: There are some tryptophan (an amino acid that has a sedative effect) and calcium. Calcium helps the brain make full use of tryptophan.

  Honey: Add a small amount of honey to your warm milk or vanilla tea. Some glucose can trigger your brain to stop producing the dietary hormone, which is a recently discovered neurotransmitter related to keeping awake.

  Potato: It removes acids that interfere with tryptophan, which induces sleep.

To achieve this effect, just mash the roasted potatoes and mix them with warm milk and serve.

  Oatmeal: Can induce the production of melatonin. A small bowl can improve the effect of sleep. If you chew a lot of oatmeal, the effect will be better.

  Almonds: It contains both tryptophan and the right amount of muscle suspension, magnesium.

  Flaxseed: Just sprinkle 2 tablespoons of this wholesome flaxseed into the oatmeal you drink before bedtime to achieve the desired effect.

They are usually omega-3 fatty acids.

  Turkey: It is the most famous source of tryptophan. Put one or two slices of turkey on wholemeal bread in the afternoon, and you will get the best sleep induced by food.