The nutritional strength of a fresh jujube: the vitamin C content is 10 times that of lemon.


The nutritional strength of a fresh jujube: the vitamin C content is 10 times that of lemon.

Referring to “fruits with high vitamin C content”, I bet you will say lemon, kiwi, orange. but this is not true.

There is a kind of fruit, its appearance is not good, the vitamin C content under the same weight is 60 times that of apple, 10 times of lemon, and 4 times of kiwi, it is fresh jujube.

A fresh jujube, make up the vitamin C, the fresh jujubes are listed in the autumn and winter seasons, all of them are red and green, and the shape is full, people can’t help but think about it.

But it’s not the taste, even the vitamin C content.

The well-deserved “King of Vitamin C” data shows that the vitamin C content in fresh dates is 243 mg / 100 g.

Kiwifruit, known as the 鈥渒ing of vitamin C鈥? is only 62 mg / 100 g, and apples and lemons are even worse.

Recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society, adults should consume 100 mg of vitamin C per day.

Eat a fresh jujube (about 40 grams) every day to basically meet the needs of vitamin C.

Various studies have shown that high levels of vitamin C in the body prevent coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and reduce mortality.

The nutrition of a fresh jujube with rich beneficial ingredients is not limited to this. It still contains a variety of anti-disease ingredients: flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which can scavenge free radicals and delay aging.

Rutin, a trialkyl compound, helps to inhibit polymers.

Ursolic acid, oleanolic acid and other saponins, improve vitamin metabolism and improve immunity.

Macromolecular polysaccharides help fight aging and inhibit tumors.

Unfortunately, the supply time of fresh dates is too short and not to be preserved. After making dried dates, the vitamin C content will drop significantly.

Therefore, one or two should be eaten every day during the season when fresh dates are listed.

It is better to distinguish the “sweet jujube” fresh jujube in a few simple steps, but it is best to keep your mind when buying, so as not to buy the ripening fake winter jujube.

There have been reports in the news that the criminals soaked the inferior jujube with warm water of saccharin sodium to produce fresh dates that are quite good.

Sodium saccharin is harmful to human health, and it must be polished when purchasing fresh dates.

These methods help you pick out the natural dates: 1, look at the color of the natural jujube bright color, red is not uniform, streaky.

The color of the “saccharin jujube” is distinctly green and red, and the boundary is particularly clear, basically a straight line.

2, touch the natural winter jujube skin by hand, the thickness is hard.

The surface of the “saccharin jujube” is sticky, and the pinch will be soft, and it will be easy to separate when it is close to the flesh.

3, taste the natural winter jujube with crispy, sweet and natural taste.

The skin of “Sweet Jujube” is very sweet and even bitter, but the flesh is more sour.

Slowly, eating fresh dates also has taboos. People with weak functions have less hard skin and harder skin, which leads to high fiber content. Therefore, people with bad health should control the amount so as not to cause discomfort.

Diabetes people eat less fresh dates with sugar content up to 20%?
30% is particularly high in fresh fruit, and the glycemic index is also high. It is best to stop eating a few people with diabetes.

People who lose weight eat less than 100 grams of winter jujube (about six or seven), and the conversion has 105 kcal, which is equivalent to the content of two or two rice.

People who are overweight and need to lose weight should think twice before eating.