New age marriage should promote fault-finding

New age marriage should promote fault-finding

Criticism is right.

Northwestern University’s Paul Eastwick study found that the more discerning a person is, the easier it is to get the attention of the opposite sex.

“This principle is not difficult to understand. Being fussy is nothing more than making it easier for some individuals to have your heart, and making others feel out of reach. Although this increases the difficulty of love, the more difficult it is to cherish it.

“A challenging marriage is stable.

Many couples believe that a happy sexual life, loving each other, understanding and consideration are the foundation of stable marriage.

But Eastvik found that the coordination of daily life is the key to a happy life.

If marriage continues to face challenges, over time, both parties can form a coping system, and when problems arise, they can clearly overcome the division of labor.

The “challenges” mentioned here are not necessarily major changes such as marriage crisis, but refer to things like “moving the house and moving the whole body” such as moving or changing jobs.

  Don’t forget to pour cold water while praising.

Your response to the good news from your spouse is very important. This is the result of a study by Sheri Gable, an associate professor of psychology at California State University Santa Barbara.

She recorded the positive and negative events of 79 couples in daily life. The reactions of spouses were divided into four categories: active destruction (such as “Are you sure you can do that job?”); Negative destruction (silent) notLanguage, changing topics); passive and constructive (absent to cope with “OK”); and active constructive (“I’m proud of you, but you may have to pay attention to some issues”).

What makes people feel is that the attitude of active construction can promote the relationship between husband and wife to the greatest extent.

  60 seconds to optimize the relationship.

For couples who are overworked and busy in a group, it does not prevent dual things from being done in one minute, such as a joke, a long kiss, etc.

Frankel, director of the Eckerman Family Research Institute in New York, suggested that husbands and wives squeeze out 3 “one minute” a day, which not only strengthens the sense of closeness, but also greatly reflects the concern for each other.

  Marriage requires a medical examination.

According to James Cordova, an associate professor of psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts, the research team designed a marriage checkup program to detect and strengthen weak alternations in sexual relations.

The medical examination covers all aspects of marriage, including breakfast habits, and whether you will sleep late on weekends.

At the same time, it is also recommended that the couple ask themselves three questions each year: Does the partner feel relieved in front of me and show his fragile side; Does the partner feel recognized; Can I get full support from my partner when life is not satisfactory?

There is even a negative answer, which shows that your marriage relationship is a bit tense.