Partly wish him an early promotion wasted, heart unhappy only cynicism operational tasks, really out of the things he is really worried.

  ”I was deputy chief of the Second Squadron.”Zhao Bo nodded teeth.
  Chen diving suddenly shot, grabbed Zhao Bo’s collar, he shot into the Newsflashes lightning, completely stunned everyone.
  ”I tell you, if anything happens there Su Qing, I will kill you.”Chen diving words can not really joking, really clear if the Soviet Union had an accident, this guy is indirect murder, how can we let him off diving Chen.
  ”what are you doing!”Several Interpol two squadrons have stepped forward to try to stop Chen diving.
  ”Handle release!”
  ”What you!Who threaten it!”Young people have sturdy character you want boxing hands.
  ”I have his mother to shut up!”Zhoucheng Xuan, after all, is their immediate leadership, after thundered loudly, everyone obediently closed his mouth.
  Even the guy that has been rushed to Chen diving beside want hands-on, also fighting back fist ready to come back down.
  Chen Zhao Bo diving still did not release the collar: “Do you have any emotions can wreak in the unit, she can be overhead in the unit, but you should not make a cynicism in the task where things!”
  Although Zhao Bo knows wrong, but still trying to break free of control Chen diving, after all, for him, Chen What kind of diving