Yu Ze Ferris wheel at the entrance stood still, slowly turning their heads is a huge Ferris wheel, playing in colorful colors on them, like a dream veil.
  Donna was going to ask him what to do, in the deafening screams, he suddenly looked down and kissed her lips.
  Donna lengleleng.
  The next second –
  She stood on tiptoe, reaching around his neck.
  Yu Ze new album “cocoon” and Bai Yalin’s new album, “said to me,” White Day the day of the sale of zero-time.
  And the public expected the exact opposite of the reign of terror, the album just a sale, digital sales both to pull a substantial gap.
  To what extent the gap?
  Bai Yalin to prepare large navy did not completely come in handy.
  ”I did not use your!Why can not refund!”
  Bai Yalin personal studio, Zhao Jian brokers facing Tel saliva splash: “deposit.I know the deposit, but the deposit is to buy the album, you did not even touch the mouse, why can not refund the deposit?!”
  Zhao Jian excited, aside Bai Yalin sitting in front of the computer but deadpan.
  He slowly slide the mouse wheel, looking from the front slip a review:
  ”Yu Ze so Niubi, let Bo Dina bought him