This release of people diving.

  Chen diving quickly ran a few steps to come: “how it was child?”
  ”Su Qing has not transferred to the vice squad when it is already eyeing these people, I always arrange for someone with her, after she took office today received a notification of his men, identified the group will have a deal here, so he led the people came.”Zhoucheng Xuan said, staring at the man next one:” But after the arrival of thought here, because my colleagues and with the unfavorable themselves in danger of being held hostage by the other side!”
  The stare of the man beside him and a few people have looked down quickly.
  Chen diving saw that guy a bow: “You are of two squadrons?”
  This guy is the deputy chief of the second squadron of Zhao Bo, he was transferred to two squadrons of Su Qing of this thing has been brooding, so this task action he cynicism, resulting with the mistakes, make yourself a Su Qing people in danger.
  Mostly after the other kidnapped children before they panicked Su, Su Qing in case of danger, one by one they will be involved, even in this life are likely to lose the possibility of promotion.
  By this time Zhao Bo was aware of the trouble, but now regret it too late.
  Now things have alerted Zhoucheng Xuan, Zhao Bo knew he could not cover up my heart panic tumult.
  In essence he is not the kind of people who have bad hearts, just as the Soviet Union