I have to pick up, did not hear?”

  Lin-sheng mouth twitched, then went to the living room and found Suzi Han is a short ride and discuss the allocation of members of the ignorant.
  Suzi Han said: “Because it is a tandem bicycle, so a two Liang Qi, Zhou Yi Lan said he would not ride a bike, well, can not sit in front of the waist Shige” Then he looked Lin-sheng.
  Lin-sheng immediately react, “I’ll ride, I’ll show it to seniors.”He did not want and Zhou Yi Lan ride on a car, think of that scene on the whole body discomfort.
  Suzi Han nodded, “OK, I Lan and Zhou Yi a car in front of me.”
  I am sorry to be ignorant of the Forest Health: “The trouble you.”
  Lan Zhou Yi to be off the phone from the house, four of a bike ride.Pet fifth shoulder bag is mounted, carrying a circumferential Yi Lan.
  Isa Babe is a long-established brand, the Group’s trade involves not only supplies, but also to the field of food, snacks, keeps Isa babe on the family dinner table, and even holds many lessons they want to travel, the team also mention two bags of snacks to them, will be a picnic at the beach convenient time to do advertising.
  Some heavy snacks, put the car in front bicycle basket will advance manufacturing difficulties, so to hold a sitting in the back of people on Tuesday in her arms