Arrangement of this thing, so that we too late.”

  That consultant heard here, they also understand why so ugly face.
  If this is the case, even if cleared several schools that person is useless, because a school is so big, no one way to determine in a corner of the school, is not yet in possession of people have been possessed of devils.
  ”What now?”
  Consultant to hear the case, the case of Zhou Yu’s eyes flashed pain and loss is also a moment of.
  Yes, ah, now how do?If she can not solve, then those children and Qin Bo, how should do?

  ☆, look for ghosts

  Wˉˉ city on a school playground, but also an atmosphere of gloom gloomy.
  Fearless expatriates come here are sighing, I feel a big head.
  As one of the Fearless Liu award-esteem, he will be sent here precisely because Liu Fei Qin trust him, he knows it, the natural heart will not resentment, but riveting enough mental preparation complete dedication this task.
  But no matter how hard he tried, still can not find a shred of a clue.
  ”If you can not successfully resolve the matter, I was not to become a sinner.”Qin Liu is optimistic about the Philippines, is the heart of a pure natural person.He walked in the playground