Middle of the night someone knocked on the door

One of the Qing Dynasty scholar Wu Ning, and students together to the Chengjiang, tribute students participate in the selection of test subjects.Year-old first year exams, Wu Ning in classics, ancient and other subjects scored first.He thought this Bagong, certain to win, but also with enough silver.So he was stuck in the inn, drinking with the students write poetry, it is intended that.Inn lived a good fortune teller fortune teller, Wu Ning living with him to the inn, get along well with each other.One day, Wu NING Ti a fish from the outside in, to the fortune teller joked: Mr. good fortune teller, take a look, I can not eat fish?Fortune teller looked at the fish, then looked at the scholar, said: can not.Wu Ning laugh, immediately go, quickly put the fish cooked well, end up, on the table, and go out and invite fortune teller fish together, in order to laugh at the absurdity of his talk.To be seated, he asked with soil: now you can eat fish?Fortune teller still quietly say: You can not.Voice hardly ever, there serpent fell from the beam, being hit in the dish filled fish, the dish was broken, terrified Wu Ning.The snake twisted crawling away, not even fish to eat.Wu Ning thus praised his physiognomy really magic, fortune teller, but humility to say; my ability no magic, you just pulling my leg, I will open you a joke.A tiny fish, have anything to do with the physiognomy?Wu Ning heart of a dynamic, quickly asked the department whether they can try on selection.Fortune teller hesitated for a moment, said: long wanted to speak up, and you are afraid of becoming another complain, can not say!Wu Ningqiang seeking a few times, he said: you do not want the last election, you now face was the color of dark, three-shift three days later, you will be killed.I advise you’d better go home as soon as possible, but also Ann passed away at home.Wu Ning was shocked, and asked: that it can not be avoided?Fortune teller shook his head and said: You can not!Wu Ning to see him speak so categorically demonstrated, I feel great fear, immediately pack up to go home.The same people to take the test, accusing fortune teller nonsense, have to stop to let him go back.Finally, although Wu Ning stayed, but my heart always uneasy.Day night, crescent moon rising, people are sleeping in the same test.Wu Ning fear their minds, thoughts churning endless, sit nor sleep nor dejected out of the door, wandered the wilderness at.Distant faint cry, Wu Ning tracks the sound went, the sound is coming from a shack in.He opened the door and went in, saw a woman holding two children crying, looked sad, split reins.I asked the reason, it was her husband owed money to a local bully fifty-two not starting.Bully told this officer, her husband was arrested and jailed, beaten bloody.So his wife had to sell themselves to repay, is now on a good contract, and tomorrow was going to marry the past.Woman because Buxia children, so Beiku.Wu Ning heard the cry, also the grief of my heart, he wanted to go out with a lot of this money, really as bad as the fortune teller said he would die, leaving what is the use of money!Not as good as they used to account for, in order to preserve this house.After made up his mind, Wu Ning said: bondage marriage did not write?She said: not yet!Wu Ning said: Since it is so, you go to a matchmaker called, wait here, I went back to get the money to you.The woman listened, scholar suspect ulterior motives, long time no speak.Wu Ning said with a smile: My whole family is poor you flesh discrete, so willing to help you round a little money.You go, I do not doubt!This woman willingly agreed.Wu Ning back to the inn, took seventy-two money, and go back and see a woman and a man sat in his house.I asked the man who he is.A man said: bondage matchmaker.Wu Ning allocate the money to the woman, and the man to explain the situation.Man sincerely: Mr is a stranger, but it such a high sense, not to mention I was with her husband for many years the neighborhood.Mr. courtesy of kindness, things would not have sold themselves to mention.You should now be quickly handed over the money the government office, the prison people rescued!Just take so much money.Wu Ning said: more than you can do business to make ends meet, so later borrow money in debt!Old man sighed: Mr. very thoughtful!Really couple Zaishengfumu ah!Wu Ning asked to detail the names and residence.Wu Ning back to the inn, still hanging hearts fortune teller, then, can not sleep.Hit a three-shift has been heard, I thought time is up.When doubts of being heard someone knock on the door asked to see, opened the door, the woman is the one who handed the money the night official, her husband has been released, come specifically Kouxie.Wu Ning stood up, some comfort, put them out of the door.At that moment, I heard a loud crashing bedroom, he went in and saw a wall collapsed down, being hit on his bed, and bed mats are all crushed to pieces.The next day to meet with fortune teller, he did not say Wu Ning laugh quasi.The fortune teller surprised the occasion and took a closer look at some Wu Ning, smiled and said: Do not lie to me, you must have done something last night, but now it sounded Crawford phase, and Germany with great.Now is not dead, but also in the examination when Jie.If you think that my words are nonsense, yesterday you had died under a collapsed wall!Wu Ning big plus admiration for the fortune teller.Since then, he really got Bagong exam, and later into the Hanlin.The matter spread, people lamented the poor and of the only change between the moment, between life and death is only an idea, Zhennai fortunes of nowhere, the only people from the church ah!To recommend the latest information sauna