Lotus feet chain case

Ming Jiajing, Huzhou governor Wang Shentang arrival of the third day, the villagers ZHAO Gui Tian old man and father pulled inviting each other to come to court Yamen.It turned out that the day early in the morning, ZHAO Gui-laws house to pick up his wife back to her parents, Tian old man last night had requested the mule driver who says his daughter back home ZHAO Gui.ZHAO Gui said his wife did not return home.Two people who will go donkey, mule driver who was out, the two will come to the Yamen.After listening to Wang Shen Tang, who immediately sent officers to find mule driver, and soon, people will find a donkey, mule driver said last night did send ZHAO Gui’s wife came home, when the ZHAO Gui home, ZHAO Gui’s mother opened the door.Mule driver who confidently say, is not fabricated.Wang Zhao mother summoned immediately sent Shentang.Zhao mother to church, she asked, with a mule driver who said the same, and that after serving his own daughter to bed, went back to the room his son.Wang Shen Tang heart has been clear, the only people who matter involved ZHAO Gui said is a lie.Snapped – Gavel heavily shot in the legal case.ZHAO Gui bold, dare to tell a lie like!Where will you hide wife, not from the real provoke!Wang Shentang Duanhe, a few instruments of torture thrown in front of ZHAO Gui.Watching the instruments of torture, ZHAO Gui-looking pale slumped, shaking tell the truth.ZHAO Gui widowed mother perennial sick, should a home thanks to his wife Megumi worked hard ZHAO Gui.Tian Tian Hui is the youngest daughter of the old man, handsome looks handsome, married less than a year.ZHAO Gui is a narrow-minded man, fearing his beautiful wife arouse unnatural, usually see very strict, only two miles away from his family’s home from the father, but rarely let Megumi back home.A time when just after the beginning of autumn, Tian old man lived in the village invited the troupe, the King of the gods, Harvest, crowded.Tian old man mass message to let her go home, Zhao mother promised, Megumi will happily dress up, hastily went back to her parents.ZHAO Gui had back home would be reluctant wife, every day, and went home to urge Megumi.The village young and old watched excitedly social drama, Megumi naturally refused to go back, father-in-law do not agree, ZHAO Gui had no option but to go back angrily alone, I thought: This cheap bastard, non want the rule of law can not cure her.Home after dinner, ZHAO Gui Chenzheyese and quietly returned to the village home of father.Father Families with low room, close to the stage, Megumi and sisters are sitting watching the eaves play.I saw Megumi smile, still pointing, ZHAO Gui the more my heart on fire, will be caught in the crowd, close to the aisle under the eaves, quietly move closer to the past.On stage it may sound, forward to a lively place.Megumi concentrate, one foot accidentally come down to the eaves.ZHAO Gui knew she had to see them attentively, and gently reached out to the shoe took it off, Megumi did not notice.ZHAO Gui shoe hides in his arms, quietly go home, did not let his mother know, shut the door to sleep.Megumi suddenly felt cold feet, hand touched the heart suddenly surprised, that which thin children shoes stolen.She shame and regret, fear of leaving the laughing stock of many relatives know, Buganshengzhang, slipping into the room under the house, her parents did not have her shoes, and had to quickly find a cloth bag on the foot, and then tell the father and mother to go home.Tian old man she can not find reasons to stay also failed to keep, had to agree.Megumi said weak foot, mule driver makes her home, looking forward to the hearts of the home to find a pair of shoes put on, to prevent the scandal spread out.To home, Zhao mother has not slept, he opened the door to see Megumi, very surprised: Why middle of the night back in time, would not let relatives take offense.Tian Hui said: children miss your old body, can not wait for dawn ah!Megumi serve her mother asleep, crept into his own room, afraid to disturb her husband, she did not dare lighting.Who?ZHAO Gui darkness came the sound of.Megumi uneasy replied: I.ZHAO Gui nose croon loudly: I thought you ran it along with actors!ZHAO Gui Tian Hui know then they do not return, a fit of anger, they silent.ZHAO Gui the more reason not to let too: so lively scene, you finish it?Hurry back to do?Megumi just silent, I want to wait ZHAO Gui attack is over, sleep later, we go looking for shoes.ZHAO Gui asked: Since coming back, how does not light ah?Tian Hui said: late at night, the fire easy to find, you can also sleep in the dark.ZHAO Gui know why she does not light, then sat up in bed: I’ll give you points on the candle.The house suddenly big bright, Megumi hurried to hide that foot, ZHAO Gui has long been looking in the eyes.ZHAO Gui smirked: Stick ’em out, I did not wear shoes like how it looked?Megumi put out his foot wearing shoes, barely smiled and said: Why did you stare dead, am I able to walk barefoot?ZHAO Gui suddenly set off Megumi Qunjiao, pointing his right foot and asked: sandals it, how no?Megumi distraught, speechless, lowered his head.ZHAO Gui-up and yells: You disobedient slut, my face will disgrace then, ask Megumi shoes in the end where to go.How to get out of Megumi answer.ZHAO Gui more attack them: wear sandals in the escape was gone, we can imagine, you have done something to be ashamed of the scandal, I still want you to do such a wife?Threatened tomorrow we must get to the bottom, the non-adultery can not be killed.Megumi heart afire, a think tomorrow will suffer embarrassment, humiliation shudder, that only one death can be free, so they hanged the middle of the night.ZHAO Gui hear abnormal movement, awakened from a dream, Yi Gulu get up, see the cantilever beam Megumi, scared the hair stand on end.ZHAO Gui regret not cope, then quickly rotate mind, consider how to extricate themselves.Megumi late at night to go home, certainly not the neighbors see, it is better to hide the body, and then look for father figures, only their own without incident.After made up his mind, ZHAO Gui quietly on her own corpse out of the house, came near the temple, to see no one around, the Megumi thrown into the well of the monastery.After returning home, a person sitting in the dark, after thinking it over, remember Megumi many benefits, loving between husband and wife, can not help but regret pains.Dawn sky, ZHAO Gui too late to see his mother, father straight in and go home.ZHAO Gui tell the truth, Anqingdabai.Shentang king ordered him to put the instruments of torture, search for the bodies taken to the temple.To the temple, ZHAO Gui identified the corpse cast wells, Shen Tang Wang immediately sent down to the well, the dead will be put out to fasten the rope.Put down the corpse and saw the crowd stunned, the dead who were not Megumi, but a bald monk, his head had been smashed.After soaking the bodies according to the time of determination, monk should Megumi death is dropped into the well in the bodies ZHAO Gui.Monk is how to die?Who killed him?Megumi’s body has gone?Cases suddenly confusing them.Wang Shen Tang quietly, ordered several officers along the path leading to the temple fieldwork thorough search, and soon, holding a runner embroidered back, in addition to the only embroidered did not find any clues.ZHAO Gui Shen Tang Wang to see the embroidered, ZHAO Gui Tian Hui immediately recognized the bird did not take off shoes.Wang Shen Tang said: there are dead live there, carry on breaking the case.It is with Wang Shen Tang ZHAO Gui home, Megumi through the new shoes, old shoes all brought, ordered his scattered abandoned in a small road near the temple, told some runners, he will go home.The next day Rishangsangan, there are runners gallop to report, we have to hold on to pick up the shoes.Wang Shentang immediately Shengtang, runners who bring up a young man, Wang Shen Tang Duanhe: You are who?You kill the monks from the real provoke things.After the young man’s face across a trace of panic, calmly said: adults, little did not kill ah!Named Li and small, are permanent farming ah!Wang Shentang sneer, told a whisper runners, runners immediately flying away.Moments later, the runners came back with a woman, he is hiding in the home of Lee and Megumi.Lee and saw, suddenly slumped on the ground.It turned out that Megumi is not dead, after she was thrown well, it happens on a ride on the pit wall, the body has not been flooded, ZHAO Gui After some agonizing, she loosened the cord lock on the neck, gradually waking up come.Megumi just feel bitterly cold, surrounded by darkness, raised his eyes to see the bleak sky, she thought he was dead, and came to the underworld, a move his hands touched the cold well water, splashing sound, did he realize that exposure to the well, they fight full strength, and shouted so loudly.The temple monks get up very early, playing pour vegetable garden.Heard cries for help coming from the well, and quickly roll down twice shy, rescue Megumi.Well was very deep, two feet to thirty feet, Megumi soft palpitation, general weakness, let her rope up is impossible.Positive hectic time, farmers hired farm near Lee’s long-term employment and over, he saw the monk bent scramble to shake the rope, he joked: master how busy in this way, does not Jingping overboard?Monk made it clear the situation, Lee and ridicule, said: Buddhist children how tall sitting on the shore rescue misery?You normally very good at Amoy well, I go down with a rope to you, you can not save her come up!Monk said: I also thought, but takes two to tango, you just come over, let’s hurry up and do it.So, Lee and holding a long rope, and slowly go down to the monk, with the rope stuck Megumi waist, shouted: mention!Lee and forced to shake up the Megumi rescued.Li and Tian Hui pegged to a look, see Megumi very beautiful, a sudden and devastating evil, greetings up immediately: little lady will soon rope to me, to sit there and rest yourselves, and I will be well presented monk.Megumi sigh, fell to the floor, as if from the grave again escaped back to Yang.Lee and look around, see no one around, and immediately moved a boulder thrown in the well, being hit on the head monk, the monk killed this.Lee and another continuous cast a few stones to go down, then pull Tian Hui said: Get going with me, you can not stay here.Megumi has been in front of sudden turn of events was trembling with fear, feet lumbering step, and Lee was caught and taken to a mud house and live in Lee.Lee and told Megumi said: That Tuzei go down to rescue you, in fact ill, he personally told me that he had other plans, so I just did deal with him, to save you out of danger.I want to take you home, but you soaked to the skin, be sure unbearable, I go out, you find a way to wring clothes, then we will leave.Having left the room.Tian Huixin that really glad that they met the good people.Body cold and wet, off dress hand tighten water.Lee and hid outside, watching the time has come, the door and announced 老鹰抓小鸡 like to Megumi occupied.After the incident over, and asked Lee whether Megumi want to go home, Megumi nod.Lee and said: You can not go home, because you only monk killed, go back and do not be sued?Then I say you are my accomplice.Again, I take you home, not your husband’s cause more doubt it?You have a few life ah!Lift husband, Megumi hearts burst of fear, and Lee asked: how do I do it?Lee and said: I am a stranger in this race to help, had intended to return home tomorrow morning, I do not have a wife, you are willing to go with me, it two days is too long.By this time, Megumi that idea is gone, so I agreed and Lee and end by hometown.Lee and went out the next day, Megumi commanded must take the shoes back.Megumi’s other shoe, hurry, I do not know where to throw, no shoe could not walk the road.Lee and heart embarrassed, when a woman with bound feet, according to the size of his own shoes to wear, buy both nowhere, nowhere to.Lee and stroll around, did not buy shoes, I had to turn back.Lee and I always worried about killing monks do, want to inquire about, we arrive at the temple, the temple suddenly see a small road littered with two red woman shoes, I do not know who dropped.Lee and rejoicing, and immediately ran, had just picked up the shoes, hidden in the shadows of runners caught him coming out of it.A woman with bound feet, two shoes all lose, will not go very far with her, and certainly saved Megumi and killed monks unaccompanied men.To bring Megumi fled away, first of all have got one pair of woman’s shoes.The reason came near the monastery and seizure woman embroidered men, necessarily hiding Megumi monk who killed.All this has long been considered quasi-king Shentang.Lee and killed by law, for a life as a monk.ZHAO Gui due to the shift dead, jailed for false accusations.Megumi choose husband remarry.To recommend the latest information sauna