Three Man show constellations, do you love me or not!

In love, girls can easily feel insecure. It happened that some constellations are super Man show. They don’t say they love you, and they don’t know whether they love you or not.!   Taurus Taurus belongs to the action school, he will express his love with actions, but to let him speak out is to kill him.. When you get along with Taurus, it is basically the state that you say 100 sentences before he slowly answers one sentence. When you ask whether you like you or not, you basically stop talking again..   Scorpio Scorpio’s heart is really unpredictable. When you talk to him, he ignores you. When you are disappointed and want to go away, he will not allow you to leave.. And when you talk to the opposite sex, they will be especially angry.. The best Man show said is Scorpio, clearly like it is not to say but also a pair of indifferent appearance.   Capricorn Capricorn is Man show in Man show. They express their feelings in a rather reserved way. They have a hundred words to say to you in their hearts, but they may only say one word.. Behind the scenes with actions silently guarding you, should be really like it, but never clearly express love. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.