Are there any of the three glass heart constellations??

The glass is fragile and the heart is easy to hurt. In fact, everyone has a glass heart. However, some people choose to hide it and others choose to reveal their temperament. Let’s look at which three constellations are the most glass heart..   NO3: Gemini and Gemini’s glass heart lies in the subtle “dual personality” and various kinds of paranoia. Gemini’s heart is constantly changing. once the perineum clears up, a tottering heart is always unstable.. Because Gemini always work for three minutes, lack of patience, encounter a little difficulty, it is easy to give up their pursuit of goals, once hurt, Gemini will begin to doubt and fear the real life, all kinds of glass heart will follow.   NO2: Pisces is probably obsessed with fairy tales since childhood. In the face of cruel reality, Pisces often becomes glass heart because of the gap between ideal and reality.. Pisces’ glass heart has very special characteristics, both emotional one flour and rational one flour. Under the impact of the two, little Pisces’ heart is easy to be injured and easy to let go.. Xiao Bian thinks that Pisces should love themselves well. As long as you don’t think blindly, glass heart can still be cured..   NO1: Cancer Cancer is the most glass heart constellation in inside. Collect his broken Blizzard and you can go around Earth 2050: The Future of Energy twice. The young cancer is sensitive and tender and extremely insecure. It always uses a thick shell to protect itself.. When dealing with cancer, a casual look and movement may make him paranoid, but if the words are more serious, his heart may break.. But if you put these characteristics on cancer women, it is also good, appear weak and poor, can also arouse the desire of boys to protect. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.