Three first beauty Diao Chan: only four beauties in the virtual image

Among the female image “Three Kingdoms”, should be the most famous of Diao Chan.Chinese ancient describe the woman’s face, a favorite with fish, birds, flowers and the moon eight characters.And capable of such praise, is still widely read of the four beauties of ancient China.Said Shen Yu, Luo Yan, closing months, the shame to spend, corresponding to the four story of the four beauties.Shen Yu Xi Shi Sha, Harmony is Lady Zhaojun, is a shame to spend Drunken Beauty, closed on the corresponding story of Diao Chan worship.Legend one night there, Diao Chan praying for months in Fuchu back garden.Suddenly, a cloud covered the moon, like the moon hid in the clouds.So, we have to say Diao Chan looks close enough to be able to May.It is closed on the origin of the legend.However, the three countries have become the first beauty Diao Chan, ranked first in the four beauties, not because of her appearance and closed for months, but her outstanding performance in a chain of dollars in.”Three Kingdoms” the first eighty chapters, describing the process of the Eastern Han dynasty and is a calamity in a collapse in its first big catastrophe, is Beijing Dong.Xiliang King Dong natural soil is not a good crop, he not only good at Xing Fei Li, adultery ladies concubines, and also to kill the young emperor and Empress Dowager, even killing people at random, it can be called with impunity.Such a devil, of course provoked world outrage.So, Kanto dysfunction Jubing meetings, the crusade against Dong Zhuo.Can be repeated after World War II, Kanto princes eventually fall into infighting disputes, but Dong Zhuo to sit this world trend, increasingly unscrupulous.He claimed Taishi, with access to all the ceremonial emperor and feudal his brothers and nephews to high rank, even the children are called Liehou.Baiguan of the insufferably arrogant, frequently with treason charges were killed, frighten everyone DPRK.Faced with this situation, Situ Wang have been attempts to get rid of the traitor Dong Zhuo.But Dongzhuo Yi Lu Bu Yong crown forces the child, separated from escorting about how to start?Wang Yun had no good, no appetite for food, sleep disturbed seats.Day night, he went to the garden weeping sigh, suddenly heard another person in the park on May sigh.Head out, I saw that it was beautiful and talented of geishas Diao Chan.Wang Yun asked what she was doing?Diao Chan answer, because see Wang Yun worried about national affairs, but did not dare to ask questions, which sigh in the backyard.And add that, if I can be useful where, without any hesitation million dead.Wang Yun moment of divine possession, got the idea, pounding the floor and said: think of the Han dynasty in the world, but in your hands!He Diao Chan to the house, she knelt down to kowtow said: traitor Dong Zhuo, very ferocious, more Riboud do evil.I think they are both erotic, ready to use chain of dollars, first you marry Xu Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo then dedicated, they drive a wedge between father and son, the Lu Bu to kill Dong Zhuo, heavy help the boat, again the country, this is your credit what!According to the reference to folk novels, there are three dollars is very perishable, one count Cheat Death, the second is a desperate measure, the third is a honey trap.Wang Yun to this step can also count cornered.Prettily for a girl who will have to exercise this plan, how to bite the bullet!Diao Chan was duty-bound and agreed.Next, the “Three Kingdoms” with a full back, describing the process of implementing a chain of dollars (Notorious) of.Wang Yun Lu Bu first call home drinking, Diao Chan in the name of the daughter called to pour out, and promised to Lu Bu concubine.Riboud course overjoyed.A few days later, while Wang Yun and Lu Bu is not, please Dong Zhuo home drinking, the Geisha Diao Chan called out the name of song and dance, and dedicated Dong, on the spot to go back to the Prime Minister’s palace.In this connection, lecherous Dong Zhuo Wang Yun and Lu Bu fall into the trap.Riboud see Diao Chan was occupied foster parent, angry, just thought it was the line of the beast Dong Zhuo; see Dong Zhuo Lu Bu and Diao Chan a find time to flirt, but also extremely dissatisfied.Wang Yun Lu Bu side, naturally fanning the flames, embellished; and Dong Diao in Fuchu, also enjoy performing: Diao from the hair at the window, the window according to the pool to find that a silhouette, grow extremely, wearing a headband crown; steal sees them, it Riboud.Diao Chan Organization eyebrows so, do not worry music of the state, to re-Hong Luo frequency wipe tears.Even small Zhuo stained illness, clothing puzzled with Diao Chan, Quyifengying, Zhuo mind hi.Riboud into the greeting, sleep comes Zhuo.Diao Chan to look after bed exploration bust cloth, fingers heart, Youyi Dong finger, more than tearful.Cloth broken heart, such as.Zhuo hazy eyes, see the cloth after watching the bed, staring; turn around and look, see Diao Chan after the bed stand.Zhuo furious, hoot cloth, saying: Yu Ji Ye dare show my love!Call expelled about the future, not allowed into the hall.Riboud Nuhen and go.This show culminates in Fengyi Pavilion.While Dong Zhuo Lu Bu is not, after stealing the Prime Minister’s palace hall, Diao Chan is about him waiting in the garden Fengyi Tingbian.After a child, Diao Chan Painting out, cried Riboud said: I am pro-Stuart king, though not female, then treat it as has been the.From the see generals, Xu Shi Ji Zhou.Concubine have been willing enough life.Taishi from heart failure who wants the concubine kinky sewage, i.e. dead concubine hate; for not stop with a general formula, and so disgrace.Credit goes to see this, we should wish to carry on Bi!This body is dirty, do not re-hero; willing to die before the king, Chi Ming concubine!Yan finished, climbing hand column song, hope sprang lotus pond.Riboud hurriedly embraced, weeping, saying: I’m going to live Zhiru heart!Only wished he could have a total of language!Diao Chan hand pull the cloth, saying: concubine and the king of this life can not be wife, would like to phase in the afterlife.Cloth, saying: I can not Ru life wife, also a non-hero!Cicada said: concubine struggled to live, and would like to save the monarch pity.Cloth, saying: I now take time off from, see fear old thief suspect, will go as fast.Cicada pull their clothes, saying: Jun so scared old thief, not see the light of the undefined status of men!Cloth unchanging said: Let me good way to Xu map.Language strike, want to mention killer.Diao said: concubine in purdah, is famous generals, thunderous, that when the world one person only; he who wants the system by anti-peace!Yan finished, tears like rain.Some lovely good cry, afraid Lu Bu is not caught!Wait a while Dong back to the House, saw Lu Bu, flew into a rage, picked up Huaji to kill Lu Bu, Lu Bu darted away.At this time, Diao Chan has changed a face: Zhuo into the hall, call Diao Chan asked: Ruhe affair with Lu Bu yeah?Cicadas cry, saying: concubine see flowers in the garden, Riboud suddenly to.Concubine parties to avoid panic, cloth, saying: “I is the son of Taishi, why avoid phase?”Concubine to catch the killer mention Fengyi Pavilion.Concubine reflected in its poor heart, for fear of the force, to be administered Hechi himself, he was clinging to Zhesi.Is between life and death, have come Taishi, saved lives.Dong said: I will now give the Lu Bu Ru, Ru?Diao Chan was shocked, crying, saying: undefined status has something elegant, now suddenly want to give under the slaves, concubines would rather die than disgrace!Then catch intramural sword For Suicide.Zhuo panic Duojian hug, saying: I play Ru!Zhuo Diao Chan fell in my arms, crying hide his face, saying: This will be the plan for Ru!Ru and cross thick cloth, it shall set this count; Preceptor decent and not spare life Jianqie.When the raw meat bite concubine!Zhuo said: yeah I impatience homes Ru?Cicada said: Although Mongolia Taishi love and affection, but should not be living in fear here, will be persecuted by Riboud.Zhuo said: Wu Mei dock tomorrow and you go to, by the same happy, Shen Wu Youyi.Chanfangshoulei Bese.Here, Diao Chan full play to the privilege of beauty, like a baby Yao Chong, Xunsimihuo, the Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu and his son play round and round.And she was giving top priority to go one step further, to see two steps in advance of the main advisor Li Ru Dong Zhuo’s remedies policy also blocked a.No wonder that after Li Ru Dong attitude, Yangtianchangtan: I am so going to die in the hands of a woman!Since the development of no suspense, at the cry of Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo did not listen to Ru Lu Bu Diao Chan give advice, but returned to his castle with Diao Chan Mei dock.Fear forever and can no longer meet Diao Chan Lu Bu, under Wang Yun attempting to rally, finally runaway, in conjunction with Wang Yun, Dong Zhuo killed.Get rid of the big devil, this is the year’s top big wedding.Chang Chao Wenwu and all the people mad with joy.The Riboud apart from anything else, first rushed to grab Diao Chan Mei dock, from Yingxiongmeiren accompanied satisfied.More than a dozen road princes of Dong Zhuo troops will do nothing, and it was easy to kill.”Three Kingdoms” has praise poem: Stuart Miaosuan prop red dress, without arms without soldiers.Hulao only three war effort, Veuve Clicquot has played Fengyi Pavilion.In all fairness, “Three Kingdoms” is here to praise Wang Yun.However, this chain of dollars Wang Yun set a planner who, in fact, the risk of a lot of flaws.A woman Xuer Fu’s activities, even in everyday people there, is not so easy to muddle, not to mention he is to drive a wedge between foster parent, adopted son?To put it bluntly, if the communication between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu a little bit smooth words, the king Stuart I’m afraid this plan will sooner or later come to nothing.Really play a key role in this one, in fact, Diao Chan.Her obsequiousness thousands, let Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo saw it was dazzled.However, in terms of erotic, beautiful woman after all, it is simply a plaything.So, Ru will have to persuade Dong Zhuo Lu Bu Diao Chan give advice.Once Dong really make a step in this reconciliation, Riboud grateful apart, Diao Chan Lee three countries have become the first Americans, ranked first in the four beauties, not because of her appearance and closed for months, but she serial in terms of outstanding performance.Confucianism is bound to ask, in the end Diao Chan Lu general how do you know it?Two under three confrontation, Wang Yun trick is bound to be exposed, let alone kill Dong Zhuo, I’m afraid themselves have no guarantee that his life.So, Diao Chan have to do more than just confusing sex with Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu seduce.Drive a wedge between the alienating, in addition to internally generated other conflicts of interest (for sex), but also the other side of the barrier must be effective communication of information.”Three Kingdoms” Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo is in front of a molested aggrieved face in front of Lu Bu is occupied by a face was ravaged, this two faces high frequency repeated exchange, will allow Dong Zhuo Lvbu two who, for the other party on the issue Diao Chan, we have the innate hostility and unspeakable.So, finally able to drive a wedge between success.To the imminent death of Dong Zhuo Diao Chan did not know was the king allowed Lu Bu, Lu Bu is thought seek beauty.Similarly, after killing Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu also still do not know, not being occupied Dong Zhuo Diao Chan, but his gestures.To recommend the latest information sauna