Three sheep

Today, net for the kids to see the story organize Updated the “three sheep” story video, story puzzle accompany the child to sleep, let the children happy in the process of learning to sleep in.I hope the kids like!?The story is the lamb, the sheep, the sheep are grazing on the big hill, in the face of ferocious wolf chase, three sheep division of work together to deal with the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf in the face of three sheep totally factors do nothing, three sheep finally pushed to the foot of the hill his death.Boys and girls, this little story tells us that people power is strong, three sheep arrived too can a wolf, three sheep without fear in the face of fierce wolf, as long as the unity, cooperation and gathering strength can the fight against a strong opponent, unity is strength.A force opposite wolf lamb when it is weak, but the power of three lamb is enough to resist the wolf, explained the power of the weak three lamb solidarity can defeat the enemy.Like the wolf encounters the same time do not be afraid of the enemy, to be brave to accept the challenge, no matter how strong the enemy as long as the unity and cooperation can win, do not underestimate the power of solidarity.