The story of the Three Little Pigs nursery

Ranch full of flowers, buzzing bees flying.At this time, the Three Little Pigs – Wood, Flower and humming born.The three little pigs ran through the ranch, mischievous.Three Little Pigs also want to help do chores, but you see, it is like this!Mom and Dad to discuss pig pig said: sent the children to go to the nursery, how about?Well – pig father said: so much the better!The next morning, Wood, Flower and humming along with his mother went to nursery pig.Wow, so many pig ah!Three Little Pigs shocked.Come, we first come say hello.Teacher early!Children early!Suddenly, Wood and cried aloud: Mom not see it!So, Flower and humming followed the cry: Mom – the kids happy to do gymnastics, and the Three Little Pigs has been toward the ranch over there to see.Beep – the teacher blew the whistle.Wood, Flower, humming to!Together with to race to touch the poplars before running back Oh!To see who can finish first!Come!Standing next to me.I came in here.Here it vacancies!Pigs are lined up team.Preparation – run!so fast!so fast!The three little pigs ran so fast.We all rest.Look!Three Little Pigs briskly ran in a circle.After school, my mother came to pick it Three Little Pigs.goodbye teacher!Children, goodbye!Three Little Pigs Tell teachers and friends: we also play tomorrow, we like kindergarten.Wood, Flower and buzzing, three little pigs race all the way back to the ranch.