Three into a tiger Marketing Implications

In ancient times, a man moving in the Crown, Crown clean man, his outspoken, world famous.One day, a hastily went to his house and said to his mother: bad, you son killed a man outside.The old mother did not seem to turn a deaf ear to hear like.Before long, another man hurriedly came to tell her: your son escaped, the officials are brought to justice.The mother remained silent, but the textile machine shake louder.Another for a while, another man came to tell her sweating: big bad, your son has been arrested, the official positive to raid.At this time, the old mother no longer contain themselves, to abandon their homes and flee.Marketing Implications: This Chaotingmingguan, honest and upright, the world famous, which will do the dirty murder.However, the rumor was repeated three times in a row, his mother would no longer believed her son.This shows the powerful word of gold sparkle, as if a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth.Sometimes, truth is often in the hands of a few people, doing a career, not because others do not participate, what they say and deny themselves, we must believe your choice, this is your starting point to success.