Three people with rain spider

After the rain, struggling to a spider’s web climbing wall has been fragmented due to damp walls, it climbed to a certain height, it will fall, to climb it again and again, again and again and fall..The first person to see, he sighed and said to himself: “My life is not as spider it?Busy and have nothing.”So he increasingly depressed.The second person to see, he said: “this spider really stupid, why not climb up to look around from the next dry place?I will not be as silly as it.”So he became wise up.See the third person, he was immediately spiders keep on fighting spirit moved.So he has become strong.Treat the same thing, different people have different views, pessimistic people only see the pessimistic side, while the mentality of those who succeed can be found everywhere the power to succeed.This story tells us that we must learn positive life, to understand the life of some of the good things do not resolve out, so they will not only happier, but also more likely to succeed oh?