Zhangmu fart to play Zhou Yu riding

Mid-year, three-in-law wife’s father similar to worship.Evening hours, the beginning of a new, three-in-law wife’s father wife’s mother around the full moon in the back garden, drinking, eating moon cake.Suddenly, there was a cry from the horse’s side dongmajuan called, everyone wants twisting head, looked toward a mare.Laozhang Ren beaming, opening commendable: my horse children traveling thousands of miles, nocturnal eight hundred road running from the wind sweeping leaves.So he proposed: Tonight you three brothers, drinking moon Hang Jiuling, say my mare run fast, but can not have a quick word among Drinking, who said wonderful, let him drink a glass of wine, eat moon cake.Moment, great son spoke and said: floating water lilies, riding into the Lower East Side, a trip to play swing, yet Shen lilies.No other large second son-in-law finished, and then said: feel the burn coke, riding through the East Bridge, a trip running back, eyebrows not focus.Great son, second son said, and is the third son can not tell.Mothers and like most three-in-law, and sitting on a bench, an anxious wife’s mother out of the street, and the urgency of the belly stuffiness on the table, a loud rumbling fart cuckoo only shock the bench trembling slightly, but excited about this inspired three-in-law, saw his mouth, said: wife’s mother put an ass, riding hit Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu da killed, asshole has not closed.