After her husband’s second time to save his wife derailment conscience marrow donation

Years housework sudden serious illness of his wife, and served as a regional manager of Nanyang Electric husband are busy busy work and housework, get bored, even derailed again.Even, over time lover tryst with excitement, actually broken lifeblood!After the incident, the lover slipped away, but his wife forbear with heartbreaking pain care of his daily life.A very sudden accident, so that he deeply understood the importance of family and wife of goodness.So he decided to do whatever it takes to save his wife’s life, at the same time save his sick wife happy family more beleaguered husband derailed in 2006, Zhang Liucheng is a Guangdong Nanyang Electric Company hired as Regional Manager.And his wife Zhao Juping the same age, with his high school classmates, Nanyang financial officer of a company, has a 5-year-old son Zhang Chaoyu.Years of marriage, the family size of the transaction by his wife Zhao Juping worry, Zhang retained as one expatriate lifestyle, but also bear fruit: their three Sichuan Garden, Shirakawa Century City bought two sets of units (a set of parents lived, set himself live) and a car due to business needs, Zhang Liucheng often go to karaoke bars, saunas city to do business.One day in 2008, Zhang Liucheng just talking about a business deal back to Nanyang, an old customer invited him to dinner, he met Miss Zhou Rui sell beer.Zhou Rui small size, wearing a long ponytail, young and lively, which makes well-romance Zhang Liucheng heart kind of sense.That night, Zhang Liucheng, who drank for nearly 20 bottles of beer, prompting Zhou Rui elated, his phone number to Zhang Liucheng.Repeated contact with Zhou Rui Zhang Liucheng fall in love, frequently tryst, developed to the point of devotion.Since then, the number of Zhang Liucheng home less and less, and more time to stay with Zhou Rui, also downtown rented a house, and Zhou Rui had played a comfortable married life.Zhou Rui buy a gold necklace he gave 3000 yuan; Zhou Rui shouted back home to build a house, he readily gave 10,000 yuan slowly, because home less frequently scold his son at home, he began to alienate his young son.Soon, some of the gossip reached the ears of Zhao Juping, but she try to think on the bright side.The end of 2009, Zhang Liucheng business trip, just enter the house phone rang, he looked at the numbers, quickly hid in the room to answer the phone.Take calls, voice Zhang Liucheng said to his wife something in a hurry to go out.Zhao Juping feel husband had an affair, she sat quietly in the back of a taxi with her husband.Half an hour later, she saw her husband hugged a young girl enters a building overnight how many tears?The next morning, her husband came home, Zhao Juping tried to restrain emotions and asked him: Yesterday, that woman?Zhang Zheng Zhu Liucheng about, had to acquiesce in the fact that the lovers of their own.Looking at the strange becomes distant husband, Zhao Juping burst into tears.Her husband’s betrayal Zhao Juping suffered very badly, often feel dejected, talking less and less in the unit eventually, she’ll be tempted to find a way through a variety of Zhou Rui.After that meeting, she held back anger, calmly said Zhou Rui: Do not retained and Zhang dealings, count me ask you, the family can not do without him, not his son without a father.That she was the wife of Zhang Liucheng, Zhou Rui indefensible, he promised not to dealings with Zhang Liucheng.Get her husband’s third, Zhao Juping took a deep breath.However, Zhao Juping sad ah, quietly supporting her husband for many years raising her son, in the end became a beggar feelings?Once, she and her husband were long talk with tears, recalled the year the couple’s hardships and warmth, when talking about his son every time I see strange frightened eyes, Zhang retained in tears.He made a solemn promise that he no longer deserting and Zhou Rui.However, Zhang honest retained only a few months, and secretly Contact Zhou Rui on, they all vanished commitment to Zhao Juping, but also to a remote area rented house everything, Zhao Juping no knowledge.Meanwhile, a raid from doom.From the beginning of August 2010, Zhao Juping often mouth ulcers.One day at work, she suddenly collapsed fever and was sent to the First People’s Hospital in Nanyang City, was diagnosed with severe acquired aplastic anemia!If not promptly replaced the bone marrow, complete cure, life can only be maintained for about a year.Doctors sigh: treat it quickly, turn into sepsis can not rule the.Zhao Juping suddenly dizzy, mix colleagues are out of the doctor’s office.She walked, tears: his son is so small, his life is about to go out, how she assured!Distraught over, she thought a lot, even thought of looking stepmother to his son, even a little regret breaking up with her husband Zhou Rui hastily rushed to Zhang Liucheng heard his wife’s condition, shocked.During that time he was the assessment, ready to promote the domain manager when the province is also the time the passion and Zhou Rui renewed his wife’s illness can have a free hand to let him take care of his wife.The same day, he brought his wife home, proceed immediately to arrange matters in hospital.Got home, his son Zhang Chaoyu pairs of slippers came to him and gave it to Mom and Dad.Looked sensible son, Zhao Juping suddenly red eyes.That night, Zhao Juping feel sad to say: if one day I leave, you want to find a woman for his son a good point to say net unlucky words.Zhang Liucheng some upset, yelled.After that, Zhao Juping please sick leave to the unit, admitted to hospital for treatment, mainly owned by her parents take care of her son was owned by Zhang retention of parental care, kindergarten shuttle.And Zhang Liucheng necessary to worry about things at home, but also to visit his wife, but also busy organizing factory assessment data, bruised and battered, but also ignore the lover Zhou Rui.Betrayal and broken lifeblood, disease wife insults care and more heartbreaking end of November 2010, I feel life is very depressing to Guangdong Zhang Liucheng meeting, originally scheduled for two weeks back and forth, things unexpectedly promoted regional manager of Henan fall, his melancholy, then home early.However, he neither told his wife and family, did not go home, but to date the.10 points that night, Zhang Liucheng to park on the banks of a quiet place, no longer difficult to self-sustaining, and Zhou Rui in the car crazy touching up suddenly, I saw Zhang Liucheng screamed in pain, the body immediately curled like grilled shrimp.Zhou Rui shocked, and quickly stand up.Open interior lights, they were very surprised: Zhang Liucheng lifeblood of living even broken, torn urethra, urethra drops of blood, apparently began to swell this time, Zhang Liucheng been hurt face has changed, Zhou Rui panic I was at a loss.After a while, he not only did not alleviate the pain, and gradually become purple penis.They realize that the problem is serious, did not dare to stall for time, dressing hurriedly get off, stopped a taxi and rushed to the nearest hospital.Doctors Seeing the situation, asked about the cause of injury, Zhang Liucheng lied in a traffic accident injured the lifeblood.However, a medical examination found that his penis Black and Purple swelling, cartilage and cavernous fracture, while other parts intact, unlike a car accident.After some enlighten, his face flushed tell the truth to say Zhou Rui.After Zhang Liucheng taken to hospital, she was also opened churn.She, together with Zhang Liucheng, where we talk about any feelings, but the figure is his money and betrayal stimulation, Oh, great, a shift Touhuan Zhang Liucheng play has become a basket case.When their own young, and he lived the rest can not be tied together with a family he say such a thing came to be hard to listen when the hospital said the operation to pay 20,000 yuan deposit, she was dumbfounded, an excuse to raise money decamp.Back home, Zhou Rui all valuable things simply swept Zhang retained on the operating table to wait for money to come see Valentine, hit Zhou Rui’s phone, the other turned off.Zhang Liucheng it realized that something was wrong, he shouted out: this unfeeling woman done me ah!Urgent condition.The doctor on duty had noticed him hiding something, it seems like a warning to persuade to say: If you do not break the cartilage sponge and timely closure will be permanent disability forced Zhang Liucheng, called the home phone, your father told his wife, and quickly give money to pay the surgery fee.Before, in order to express remorse to his wife, he will grasp all of his possessions to his wife, his own little hands of a bank card balances.Got off the phone, Zhang Liucheng heart very disturbed, very sorry!He missed one, forgive his wife.Now, she was hospitalized, but it is wrong old felon, also broke his lifeblood therefore, even if the good wife again, it is difficult to forgive myself ah.She will not take things too hard it?Thought here, he was ashamed at 11 o’clock at night, in bed asleep just Zhaoju Ping suddenly received a phone call, said Zhang Liucheng accident, lying in the hospital, so she immediately got any money in the past.Zhao Juping suddenly terrified, despite the ill and struggling to get back up again, a taxi from the city rushed to the First People’s Hospital Medical College attached to the Second Hospital.Because they do not know the truth, she thought her husband had a car accident in the hospital, not many patients.Zhao Juping than Zhang’s father, retained early in the waiting room to see the endless pain of her husband, and asked him how.For language and only husband, embarrassed.At this time, the doctor came over and said, quickly signed surgery, and then later too late.Zhao Juping quickly asked the doctor: My husband need to do surgery?This joining operation is complicated miniature.I do not know how you do husband and wife, such a great age so crazy!The doctor said, Zhao Juping aware of the problem, almost could not believe, and extremely dismayed to confirm the sentence: you say my husband’s broken there?At this time, Zhang’s father retained catch rushed to the hospital, Zhao Juping can not think what to say, silent tears, to pay 20,000 yuan deposit, then signed on a single surgical risk.To recommend the latest information sauna