Universal’s assistant

Zhang trading company recently opened very excited that he hire a bed of roses Assistant.The assistant just graduated from university, to be precise, when the candidates come before graduating from college.I saw that she did not talk much, but very sincere man, Zhang signed a contract with her three-month probation.The results have not been the first month, Zhang advance to let her turn positive.Three things that worth assistant surge: First, around nine in the morning so she booked a ticket.After playing dozens of calls, she reported to Zhang: The company signed the original booking company price is not cheap enough, she found several cheaper.Then her to look for the results of E- mil Zhang.Is a simple list, time, airline, type of aircraft, which took off the airport, at a glance.This is the former assistant never done a thing.Second, she sent a sample collection supplier.A total of dozens of large and small.She also had a detailed list of the column, so that suppliers sign.This is also the supplier who never thought of things.Well Samples!Third, when you receive a reminder call, assistant general face in front of the microphone, said Zhang: Zhang out at a meeting, so he came back to tell me please?Although just one assistant college students, but Zhang has intend to observe her year training after her own vice president, in a world-renowned consulting firm consulting director friend, said the company on the profession, do not value education, stress is placed on thinking and analytical skills, imagination, etc..As for different professions, but that is some knowledge of it, it is you can take the time to learn, but the ability of those companies need, is not able to take the time to learn.Although not well educated, Assistant General Zhang apparently already has some capability allows coveted top consulting firms, for all the bosses, can be picked up so cheap, really thankful.Also an assistant, I have seen the popularity was almost jumping.It is a designer’s assistant.Designers in a media interview, Assistant to the phone.A phone, and showed an assistant designer, designers helpless, who picked up a few words: Another call came, and showed an assistant designer, designer fire: Did you hear what I just told you what he said?He could not find the way to come here, definitely ask again, you tell him on the line Well!His assistant was scared to come out to tears, looking pitiful.Unfortunately, the boss a salary not because of mercy.On the one hand are thousands of people can not find work.On the one hand, some vacancies can not find nice people.In the workplace, some people really is very good, and some people are very easy to use, and it really relates to ability, regardless of education, profession.To recommend the latest information sauna