Origin of Capricorn, King of Kings

Capricorn has become the king of kings because they are symbols of calm and wisdom, have leadership qualities, have been elite since childhood, have Lumenis One, and have many and a little in one, so they are kings of kings..   Capricorn is the king of goals. They will do whatever it takes to reach their goals and sometimes they will be almost cold-blooded. They always try their best to pursue difficult ideals and goals. They are always full of fighting spirit. However, if this fighting spirit is used in the wrong place, it will cause irreparable consequences..   Capricorn is the king of low-key, they often do not show their true self when dealing with others. even in the collective, they are often unknown. they belong to the kind of people who help you do things quietly. even if they do a big thing, they are not willing to show off their achievements, but continue to work silently..   Capricorn is the king of leadership. Born in winter, Capricorn is naturally cold, lonely, introverted and tough. Among the twelve constellations, the twelve constellations are cold first, rational first and tough first. Capricorn is truly the king of leadership and strategy..   Capricorn is the king of revenge. Although it is silent and low-key, it does not mean that Capricorn does not bear grudges. When he hates a person, he will not show his mind on his face. After repeated persuasion, Capricorn will use his own methods to solve the problem.. No matter what method they use, they will definitely get justice, so don’t offend Capricorn casually..   Capricorn is the king of duplicity. Capricorn likes duplicity in both work and love. They often have many ambiguous objects, just like their hobbies in life. Each one is not necessarily his favorite, but his ambiguous objects can certainly be developed.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.