The story of the legendary Halloween

OnestoryaboutJack, anIrishman, whowasnotallowedintoHeavenbecausehewasstingywithhismoney.There is a story about Halloween.Is said to have called Jack, who, because he was stingy with his money, he was not allowed into Heaven, was sent to hell.Sohewassenttohell.ButdownthereheplayedtricksontheDevil (Satan), sohewaskickedoutofHellandmadetowalktheearthforevercarryingalantern.But there he played tricks Satan, they were kicked out of Hell him to walk the earth forever carrying a lantern.So, IrishchildrenmadeJack’slanternsonOctober31stfromalargepotatoorturnip, hollowedoutwiththesideshavingholesandlitbylittlecandlesinside.In the October 31 Irish children made Jack potatoes and turnip lanterns, they dig up the middle, holes and points on the inside candle.AndIrishchildrenwouldcarrythemastheywentfromhousetohousebeggingforfoodforthevillageHalloweenfestivalthathonoredtheDruidgodMuckOlla.] To celebrate Halloween in the village Druid god, children carrying this lantern from door to door begging for food.TheIrishnamefortheselanternswas “Jackwiththelantern” or “Jackofthelantern,” abbreviatedas “wildfire” andnowspelled “pumpkin lantern.”ThetraditionalHalloweenyoucanreadaboutinmostbookswasjustchildren’sfunnight.This lantern Irish name is Jack or Jack of the lantern to get lantern, abbreviated as wildfire.Now you can read about in most books was just the kids happy Halloween night.HalloweencelebrationswouldstartinOctoberineveryelementaryschool.In elementary school, Halloween is celebrated every year in October.