All saints “spirit” night, these constellations are ready!

All saints “spirit” night, these constellations are ready! If you only have Maskarad and shopping malls for discount on Halloween, you really can’t keep up with the rhythm of these constellations.. Come and join Xiao Bian to see which constellations are ready for the night of all saints’ spirits.?   Pisces loves romance. Pisces has its own romantic plan for the night of all saints’ spirits. Cook a candlelight dinner at home, steak and red wine, of course, cannot be without shellfish that suggest shame.. After dinner with the lover, the tipsy state can be spent directly on the sofa or in the kitchen for a “fine” soul night..   How can a rich Leo miss the night of the soul to prove his charm?? Take the beautiful woman to Michelin 3-star restaurants to taste delicious food, and then take the beautiful woman to the upscale counter of the shopping mall to swipe a card.. Of course, there is no free lunch in the world. After all the procedures have been gone through, the “essence” of a five-star hotel cannot escape the night..   How can Sagittarius Sagittarius Congregation be short of our Sagittarius? Maskarad is a good time for Sagittarius to meet each other. After scaring plmm, she immediately comforted him by inviting her sister to a bar to have a cocktail, talk about her ideal and future, and find a stimulating place for an exciting night of all saints and spirits..   How can Aries miss the good day of Halloween in Sexual intercourse. The usual spluttering is just the daily routine of Aries. Sexual intercourse will definitely have a different experience on Halloween. It will be impossible to stop the killing of all people..   Scorpio Scorpio Sexual intercourse is regardless of the weather in the morning and evening of the holiday season, so long as there is an opportunity for Sexual intercourse, we must grasp it.. Scorpio is the home of all saints’ spirits night.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.