Do you know that I’m waiting for you?

Part One: You know I’m waiting for you right?  Fortunately permutations of a set of numbers, a casual keystroke!The achievements of the network side of me, and the other side of the net you some affinity!Text / Iraq ten dream breeze sneaked into the gap from the window, blowing basin desk green asparagus, kiss the rose graceful posture, awakened cactus rosy dream, the wind rustling through the pages like a delicate hand you forgot you had long letterhead, such as patches of butterflies lightly!Breeze illiterate, why rummage book.In these circumstances, at this moment, returning to the pursuit of emotion recalling the sea memorable bits and pieces, to into the night, while uninhibited romantic feelings, give the first invite the moon Duizhuo, embrace the breeze in my arms, in the time of the review getting fans from getting warm.  Everyone interpreting his own story in the ring in the change years.Acacia precipitation in mind, is beautiful you brought me, mind blowing hubbub, you bring me a dream recall, the network side of you, to know whether my mind, do not let your face away from my eyes let the ghost of you out of my sight, let your breath flow through my side; I am very happy because of you, because I know a lot of you, you make my heart because the addition of a lingering worries.That night, I say to you: Hello beautiful, I love you.You say: You’re just a good impression on me just.I said: Really, I kid you not.You said: cyberspace is not love at first sight.”After the storm has does not matter, meet by chance you gave me so much, you block the winter, the warmth reserved for me, weathered lonely litter in your arms.”I do not know when, we began to resonate, similar to the screen telling raving between boys and girls.  Twilight well-being of the change of the moment, affectionate words reveal my heart!Not about your every move, you are able to focus on a word spoken!Let me worried about your world travel forget the passage of time, would you let me toss in your space Yiyewumian, because I went to pursue warm, happy I went to hang around, meet hand, hand in hand accompanied.Some concern will not be lonely years, it was similar to a night not alone; it was not worried about the lost time, some people miss the days.Years quietly across, fate and everything in a hurry; mind is always filled with a care and bless you.Wind say you are a cloud, floating in my dream, you say cloud is a drop of rain, fall on my heart; rain say you are a river, spread all my memory.Do not go too fast, slow down your pace and so I, do not go too far, let my eyes looking at you the moment.  I love you, deeply in love with you!From that day to see you, you know what I’m waiting for you to do?If you really care about me, why do I keep with me through the endless night.In cyberspace chase suddenly deep shallow footprints suddenly, silently taste romantic words, hang around touching moment of every conversation, indulge in our lingering text.To say love you is not very easy thing to do, it needs to muster a lot of courage, you want to forget, but can not convince myself, you have to think in the long silence of the night!miss you!Let painful thoughts and merciless torture me.Desolately sorrowful sadness, the desolate between thoughts, the years in countless hearts carved scars, young passion has gone with the wind, the bud in the spring, summer growing love story lost in the autumn.  Time diluted the painful memories, Magnificence wash away the past, lingering and melancholy gone with the wind, thoughts and worries get wet years, things like a non-person, time flies.Tonight over and over again write your name, you silently face, hearty laughter, I think together we can walk in the rain scene, thinking that you join in the faint moonlight at night dependency.If you can, I would like to be a bird flying over the mountains and rivers, trees stopped at your window, day and night your affectionate gaze.  I love you, deeply in love with you!From that day to see you, you know what I’m waiting for you to do?If you really care about me, why do they keep holding flowers hand trembling in the wind.Shuyinghengxie leaves swaying, streaks evoke feelings of Ceran, Qiuchong croon, blew away a wisp of autumn scenery of the dream; bright moon shine, but also touched the dash of sad sad melancholy; sleepless nights was removed in the pillow River, listen to the sound of the leaves shake, sing breeze, sparse insects, monotonous and deserted, gave an account of fleeting time in the night, the moment my heart is full of sorrow and chilling.Startled in the night, disrupting Shengeng, shredded the memory.Also drunk heart, such as the situation crazy, cry silently in the quiet and could not afford to fight broken dreams.  Autumn night across the open window of heart, like the lingering emotions through time and space, Zheng Ming a Red Love.I went into a dream world of mortals looking eyes and you know each other, chasing a bright season, a blue sky.Your past lives in my memory, this life you are in my heart, please do not go, because I was afraid you meet and missed the next life!    Part II: You know I’m waiting for you right?  ”Maybe the people who love you and are rushed to the road this spring, perhaps in a year one day a month to meet the.”- Inscription [Bitan snow] the cool weather, cool water heart.Walking alone in the streets, shopping malls is playing “Love Transfer”, Yi hearing voices and mildly bleak, trance, as if to see his appearance three years ago.Suddenly tears came, severely hit in the chest, so cool.  Into the tea room, picking up a position by the window, point the Big Red, green tea is tea cakes Jinyou.Ever since seen little snow Zen culture, they eagerly desire to drink this tea.  Do not understand the tea ceremony, rarely in the mood, such as at the moment, sitting in the teahouse, thin tea.Mostly took the glass, bubble tea, the smell of tea reading Bale.Thirst, I still like water.Nightlife net tea, a favorite is “Bitan snow”.Feast for the eyes, the United States can not be made, just the name, became drunk.The first drink is in Yunnan.  That elegant woman, a sober dress, pale blue floral fabrics, elegant dish hair, painted with a touch of makeup.She considered particularly beautiful, but crafted after years of aging, gentle and demure, Thatcher temperament from the inside and outside revealed.  She invited me to drink tea, do not use tea, but took two fine transparent glass.Quietly put the tea into the cup, pour a little boiling water mixed with cold water, just have not had tea, gently shaking the tea to be a little stretch, then pour half a glass of water.Tea throughout the process, is so elegant.She handed me, “Only glass can watch the ups and downs of that realm.”Since then, they own only a glass of tea, tea roll back and forth every time to see ups and downs, like Bliss.  Fresh and elegant fragrance nostrils, static stretch to enjoy watching tea, rich aroma, like a blooming jasmine.  She shallow smile, “Bitan snow, my favorite jasmine tea!”Jasmine tea?!I quietly holding the hands of tea, carefully looked up, show as willow leaf, clear soup, was translucent green, jasmine petals floating on dash.Rich and elegant jasmine, could not help but indulge.Makes a taste, it is refreshing.  I remember she told me, “Our life is like this tea, as the more experienced boiling water to brew, the more fragrant tea.”[Big Red] looked at the front of the Big Red, a full head of black lines.How is kung fu tea?!If I remember correctly, the snow is little Zen to large glass bubble, it is the time, drink it mouthful.  Gold-rimmed green leaves, beautiful, tea is also very refreshing, bright orange liquor.  Forgive me a layman, arty do not know, I’m just a vulgar woman.This tea is really in vain spoil.  Gulp down a cup, so the ironing, arbitrary name, heavy taste, touching.No wonder small Zen will like it, I like it a bit, “It’s so close to my tongue, hot, deep flavor, slipped to the stomach, all Yutie and warm.”.  This tea for a refreshing, is that good.I think of the time, for his vulgar, could not help laughing.This is downright Zen tea ah!  Tea prolonged residence between lips and teeth, the air is also released into the atmosphere even people feel good fragrance.It is the time to drink a glass cup down, warm stomach and warm the heart.No one to accompany me, no one understands me, only palm cup of hot tea, cold ironing my heart.  Coming and going on the streets, passing hastily, somehow a little sentimental.  Friends said I was widowed life, on his wedding.  He followed me for more than a year, and eventually married another woman, not beautiful bride, but one pair of scissors water pupil, the United States was startling.  I smiled and blessed them, and this person, I do not have love, that moment, my mind was sour.Turned around, that’s a long time the guardian of your people, and you own nothing to do with the.  Hands of the glass, empty and full.Friends see my lonely look, gossip surprised and asked: “Hey, you should not like him, right?!”I’m just bitter smile,” if you like, more than a year, I have long been liked.”Then Xieni her,” You know?The world’s most can not be forced, and that is the fate.”She was sweating black line,” I see you ah, life is widowed.”Maybe she was right, others condition is so good, why do I exclude businessman at heart.Plus an early age to study in Beijing, by the local children’s bullying, it is the Peking Man at arm’s length.  Always felt that doing business is too smooth and slick, see people that were so, hell that nonsense, for me, the better the more I think he’s heavy effort.Tragedy ah, otherwise I would have got rid of life adrift.  This earth’s fate, it really is not in force.I also love a person, love to the hopeless, when I love him, but he is not aware of the value.  Until I do not love, lost hope, he turned around and asked me, “I now cherish, you still have time?”” I’m sorry, too late.”This is my reply, and then burst into tears.  Shallow children there are two principles: If you leave, will no period; to say nothing of the poor, as long as I do not like, I do not send me.  I did not stay, no one understands me, only this cup of hot tea in her hands, gradually cold cup down, thoroughly cool from the inside out.  In life there are always so many passing.However, I believe that with my love of people, being rushed to the road this spring, perhaps a certain period of one day encountered.So, do not pity, nor sadly, quietly waiting.  Postscript: The Ripple say, my prince is riding a snail.Well, I slowly etc..Do not worry, as long as the fate of the people, will eventually encounter.    Part Three: You know what I’m waiting for you to do is to actually accidental Lu Yu deliberately waiting for you.  Pass the time quietly with eyes to greet you, you do not look back but no notice from any of my gaze lost in the unknown crossing, Ren Qingchun cheeks are burning through distant clouds Nama.  Vision in your mind longer high and I was getting short, and even climbing you can not head held high.  However, each moon night, but reverently bless you, pray for you, though do not believe the Buddha does not believe in God, you are still my religion my poems.You can not presume to inquire about the news, but very willing to hear about your topic.Heart filled with mundane earthly debris, leaving only a white field, just to give you.  Because you always sneak spread a glistening snow writing the original story negligence indifferent mood.  Quiet night, the hustle and bustle of life always derived ray of inexplicable melancholy and loneliness.  Deeper, the boat pulled into the curved moon Cloudland do not know office, leaving only one party is to miss the vast world.  Knowing that there is a wandering love will never return date, there is always a feeling hopeless wandering with expectations, there is a bright bloom has missed the return date, the dream is still sitting on the steps of a long mountain water wide monopoly Wandering Road, stubbornly pursue you lopsided pace.  I never believe, rain date July seven Cowherd weave ancient sad, but like the eternal farewell in such a hopeless walking aimlessly, so it seems, the heart near you.  The end of each lane in the rain, after clove, Dai Wangshu that will hold up the wet paper umbrella, let the tears glistening on the rib and the gloomy situation Resentment fall together.  No flowers, and sometimes the results can look forward, not always the outcome, so the line can pray together with your dreams, in the twilight, looking for a detached, feel a romantic, appreciate one kind of have.Read your dream, do not want to wake up.  Do you know that I’m waiting for you?I was blown sand will dim tired, I dip the frost withered dark Lengse, wind and rain will I beaten black and blue, I’m still as you go through the same post with the truth station, the fall of your deeds.Folding does not regret the love into numerous small boats, stumbled toward you.