Do you believe that the stone would hang of it

In India, there is little personal when mind is very slow.When he began to study Sanskrit, are particularly difficult, especially in grammar school, a classmate easily learned, and although he spent a lot of time, like never learned still the same, no lack of progress.He was sad to think they never learn grammar.    Day, the teacher asked a question he recited learned grammar.He actually is also back out.The teacher was furious, he severely reprimanded the meal.He completely lost confidence, simply do not read, do not even go to school.He thought: It seems I was destined not block learning materials.    Since then, he was doing nothing, walking around.Once he came to a small lake pier, wharf is a very hard-stone, very strong.He walked over and sat on it, suddenly discovered there was a pit on the smooth stone, round.He wondered: Why is there a small pit it here?    Just at that moment, a woman carrying a pitcher came over, put down the pitcher after pitcher of water played a rest.He was caught by a phenomenon: the seamless tank just put the stone pit.    Saw this, he asked: This is a good mason specialized chisel, to put it in the tank?    Was not it is a constant, daily, grind tank pit.Women said, the top pitcher in the head and slowly departed.    He was shocked, secretly think: If this hard rock can be ground into a pit tank, then through sustained and painstaking effort, do I encounter this stupid head can not become smart it?    Heart renewed hope, he immediately stood up and went back to school, find a teacher, determined to study hard.Curiously, the same syntax, looks like a mountain before, today it seems like a clear water, and it would go on drinking.No matter what course of study, no matter how difficult, he by divine intervention, and soon will be able to memorize, but also to quickly understand.    His past like a stone head has indeed had their eyes opened.    His book is the package Dev, and later, he finally became a famous scholar of grammar, syntax on issues he also wrote a book.So far, people learn by studying Sanskrit him in this book will be able to quickly grasp.    In fact, overcoming inner demons, sparking a progressive force, focus on a goal, there is nothing in the world can not make it?