Do what article

Part one: to do what a few days ago, my wife has been tired, I let her take a break, have a job I have to do, but she is not in my letter, in order to take care of grandson, one day restless, mouth that tired, a lot of various activities has been dry, the result of sudden back off, bedridden, even turn over all terrible pain, think about looking after grandson can not do anything, and I do not want to do live must also have had to bear up.  CT examination of the results of my wife to the hospital for more lumbar vertebrae is bulging, degenerative disease has occurred, it takes a long time to stay in bed.The doctor told me: “People like lumbar telephone pole, pull on both sides, if one side of the cable loosened, telephone pole will not stand up.”I understand, when the cable is loose, people will feel tired, then it must be prepared to pull together the reinforcement of repair, or if the cable is broken, people will stand up.  Do what the reason is very simple, when feeling tired, it is necessary to seek flexor stretch, only to maintain their own, will likely re-development effort, a rope stretched too tight will be broken, you need to have Zhang relax.Especially on the age of the people, can not keep bringing myself as young people, pay attention to rest, think they are full of strength, able to hard to resist, the result is just the opposite.  I am super prolonged exercise every day should have lessened, and so feel Lei Shi too late.Later, I want to wholeheartedly take care of his wife and grandson, to do housework as the best sports and capabilities, learn from each other, before longevity.    Part II: do what one afternoon a few years ago, I was a guest at a friend’s house in Hong Kong.Her grandmother eighty years old, the old Shanghai imperious princess.  Grandma gave us drink tea.She was previously used porcelain palace.I end cup of tea in the mouth, hands are shaking – the fear that they do not care, give people fell.  Grandma smiled and said: “tea is to drink tea, what tea can not be considered by?”She took out a cupboard exquisite workmanship, oddly shaped cup, said it was his son from the hands of a master of Jingdezhen ceramics buy.  ”Beauty is beauty, but useless, bad lip sense can not be called teacup.Cup of tea is used to it, like to wear clothes, vases for flower arrangements are.This is the life, the other is’ performance art.”Performance art, you understand me?”We could not help but laugh, south of the Tropic of Cancer hot flashes suddenly become less dense air the.  I Duanqichabei again, did not disturbed, peace of mind to taste it just right of the arc and the cup rounded sense of comfort lip.  That afternoon, as being an important moment in life, in my personal collection of chronicles.  I learned a word: lip sense.Tea lips talk sense, clothes, bags talk about feel, a place to live is to have a sense of intimacy.In short, all of our consumer behavior are the first to feel self-satisfied, followed by the others to see.  Remove only a very small number of ornamental items, the value of most things, is that people are using it.Use feel bad, but also a not afford, that it not in line with your values, lifestyle.Sauna net anything, just blatantly when commodity prices have no life; we are only to be used only slowly with traces of the years and because of our lifestyle and stay special flavor.At this time, it has become part of our.  Large house, small issuers, owners should ask themselves: I will be easy and pleasant to use it anyway?It can accompany me for three years or five years?During this time it has accompanied my life what will change for the better?When your surroundings full of energy and full of their favorite things in good faith continue to be used when your life is like having many good friends coherent, not afraid of loneliness.  I read Eileen Chang’s relics exhibition, regardless of manuscripts or clothes, take care of all earnest, meticulous.The most striking is that a few top wig, black curly hair, there are subtle differences similar style, which is useful Eileen Chang’s style.  Her later years, in the eyes of others is clear solitary lonely, but as long as you read her those clothes, wigs, goggles, etc., you will understand the happiness in the world is not only children and grandchildren around the knee this kind, there is a kind of happiness is your favorite and all together.Some say she was cold-blooded, she just does not like so much shame.Cold-blooded people who do not have a print dress and swimming goggles steaming.Truest her, they are written on her used items.  What kind of person you are, you used the thing most clearly.In constant use, an item more and more like our own.The best way responsible for the items you are going to use it properly.  When choosing a product in such a manner, your vision naturally broadened, not easy to impulse spending, it is not likely to be around trend.  One day, you become your own living, along with those of you carefully selected, use good stuff, make up a rich beautiful, amazingly varied planet.