Do their own original

Through Chunhua, Qiushi through.Not feel the same style, I believe we have a lot of sentiment, but life is not the pursuit of how brilliant season there, we look back at least once in that period of time because it does not dull the pace and sigh.Think of all living things, woolly-headed instant moment so between the fingers slipped Love.How many did not regret the past the leading edge, we can not complain about how many shots misunderstanding, I believe along the way, accumulated the hard way, experience.    A grain of sand in the world, even though you have not pursued that touch on this tree-lined sunny, but maybe in time you swing all over the floor and not unsuccessful will find that life can not bear the light.How many passing back to stay in your mind?How many da da Horseshoe stay in your heart?No, all of this in the past you will never understand why life would be a journey.The way you encounter, meet by chance, is it friend?Or perhaps the enemy.    Never underestimate any opponent’s eyes, even if life is not wonderful rehearsal in perception, you can not stop in the vast coast.Because it was a joy again to before, but could not be met once the.In this dream interwoven fields, four eyes look confused like touch looming fixed point, what our individual who counted?The results have where to go with his neighbor?I do not how many past lives to pursue a dream, just take a good moment and do their own original.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) do own the original, and not easy to get an easy topic, how to arrange everything journey, do not we will be confused?However, even if there are too many fetters, dirt and ignore them as their own does not smell, and what does that count?Right and wrong, and wrong, good and evil, all disappeared from my eyes, you do not want to disrupt the tranquility of good will visit this land has.Passing a farm scene like this: “left alone third of an acre; which other people is not” imagine this picture, perhaps the experience is a state of mind.I enjoy this pleasant picture and, with them were drunk, were sleeping.