be the best you can be

Parasol trees responded to the pursuit of the wind, infected with a layer of orange, was willing to fall lightly.I can not change the final start, forget what the outcome?Weaving a beautiful dream, left to their own future.    ”Chongrubujing busy watching Pretrial blossom; fate not diffuse with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu.”Do not talk on the world, is not trivial worries, not for others to disturb the tranquility of this his heartbeat.Everything I like, I like everything, I am my Lord, I have my own life.Friends, Whispering any water, any Guying to fly, had to chase the dream, do it yourself!    Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen There is a famous saying: “What is man’s first duty is?The answer is simple: do it yourself.”Yes, the first man to do it yourself.Regardless of earthly chaos, regardless of other people’s love and hate, we must recognize their own, take their own destiny, realize the value of life.The only way to truly be their own masters.    Others no matter how good, is not related to own; their own and then bad, and not about people?Most really do themselves, so most beautiful years left most brilliant smile.Ganaiganhen, dare to pursue, it is innocent of you and me.    There is a living person, very concerned with what others think of him, in order to fully evaluate others as its own maxim,.We have reason to believe that he will live very hard to accept, very upset, very involuntarily live.    The world is not perfect, life is when there is insufficient.Leave some regret, life can be very natural, very magnanimous.There is a saying: no wrinkles grandmother most terrible, no regrets of the past, can not continue to link life.    For everyone, not perfection exists objectively, without complaining.Some people no matter how old, but forever young; some people either wing or shame, can placid.Sometimes, alive, only just a state of mind.    There is a saying: “If no one believes in you, then please believe in yourself; if no one is watching you, then please enjoy your own; if no one bless you, then please bless themselves their own.”Yes, the light-emitting patent is not just the sun, you can also.Believe in yourself and let the wind Piaoyuan mood, their achievements legend!    The reason why people would never get out alive, because the shelf does not fit.In fact, the mouth on someone else’s body, ears themselves, and do not say that is their thing; do not listen and listen, is your own thing, we have to learn to smile at everything, live at ease some Some revel.    In the journey of life, some things can not turnover.Perhaps, because have not found a real dream; perhaps, also in the pursuit of perfection that never comes.Once upon a time, our vanity too, have been fighting for the narrow purpose.When I look back look at it all: self-righteousness of others is good, no matter whether their own wishful thinking, a lot of things become clear sky.    Do not envy others, not to belittle their own, according to their own mind crossing finish his life, the day is paradise.The sun rises in the east in the morning, after a night it will return to the Orient.Everything comes naturally, let it develop in a vacuum, so, spend your past lives, time will give you a final healing of the results.    Innocent children, weathered through things, will become strong and steady.Learn to appreciate yourself, encourage yourself.In this way, you will find that your life will be renewed new life.    In life every day, you want to do a new self: a dare to challenge themselves, flying a life of their own.Everyone, all different, has its own unique beauty.Life turned out so beautiful, I see the sky open, need to be changed, not the environment around them, but our mentality.    Sometimes, they lost their own, only slowly retrieve it, with this life a thousand times Looking back, get back once the most really own.Sometimes, in fact, very tired, but seeing other people’s eyes, you will habit pretend to be strong, accustomed to a person face all, in the end I do not know in the end go nuts?Sometimes you will be very happy and everyone talking and laughing, and everyone is so close, but no one knows, but that is disguised, is deliberately disguised; you can make yourself very happy, very happy, but can not find happiness the source, just smiled innocently.    Life, certainly not trying anything can.In many cases, we will feel powerless.Not just you, not just me, all the same.Know that time can not stay, so there is no need Shangchunbeiqiu; know that love can not deliberate, it is not necessary for others Xunsimihuo; know forgotten always inevitable, do not forget for a moment of sad pity; know the past is always there, it there is no need secretive; know loneliness always go hand in hand, will not have made it difficult at a time.Knowing this, it should not be forced, embarrassed himself, heart let go, anything good.    It does not always be bound by the eyes of others, because others can not accompany you through the past, present.To always convinced of this, everything will change.No matter by how much trauma, how heavy heart, penniless, all want to hold on.The sun will rise fell, unfortunately, there is always the end of the day, the past is the case, the future as well.Sometimes, you should put aside the eyes of others, thanks to their imperfect, you are not perfect, makes you more sober, more elegant.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) While some of us should live calm, do not be too concerned about other people’s eyes, but we can not be too self-willed, because you are living next to you, do not let the future you hate yourself now.    Never blame themselves wasted time, not properly make a determined effort to complete the dream, do not try to foster their own may have potential.In the past all the blame, blame others, only nothing, Strode in place.Do not be too self-willed, not too naive, we should bite the bullet and look to the future, count on their own, life can wreck.You can not change the environment, but can change their own.    Past is past it, others praise or criticism, have it in the past, abandoned because unnecessary burden, life will become better,.Life is so short, we have no reason, not to do good life?There are too many things for you to do, there are very important people waiting for you to cherish.    Flash at the life journey of life, not necessarily when the grass sprout; when life is too proud, not necessarily at the return of spent riding.Friends, do it yourself, please remember to live a calm some do not always live under the gaze of others.    Do not always make life difficult for themselves, the most important is that today’s heart, intentions do his own thing, like their will to embrace life, then let it be a done deal.