be the best you can be

Part one: pay best friends, do their best, “Xunzi” says: “Punta raw hemp, no help and straight; white sand in Nirvana, with all black.”Fu Xuan” Prince Shaofu PRO “Yiyun:” knows nothing, doubts nothing; acoustic sound and is clear, the shape is Kagenao.”A great impact on people living environment.To a certain extent, what kind of environment, what kind of person would bring; what kind of friends, often there will be what kind of their own.  Friend is your own life choices, you’re friends shadow.  A great blessing in life is to encounter a few mentors.Occasionally between, their gestures, their utterances of, may be able to change your life, make you extraordinary, makes you different, makes you stand out.  Open-minded people and make friends, you will not narrow; get along with optimistic people, you will not be pessimistic; peers and progressive people, you do not slack off; and benevolent hand in hand, you will not flashy; arm in arm with the wise, you will not foolish; to communicate with a loved one, you will not be indifferent; advice to the masters, you will become knowledgeable; and accompanied by an expert, you can achieve self.”To find chess master, to get the ax class door”.Excellent people are like flags, spirited lead you forward; positive people like the sun, illuminate their future; successful people are like road signs, correct your wrong course.  In your life, if there are not some excellent friends, few positive friend, soul mate few succeed, then your life might mediocre, might slack off depression, might dim be eclipsed.  Some might say that the lotus, like she was “lightness finds”, but how many people can do like lotus?Even Lotus, on the surface, although spotless, it was actually covered with a stink.  Some might say gems, praised her “even fell into the garbage heap, also sparkling”.Yes, precious stones fell into the garbage heap of the surface, or just fall into when to go, it may be “sparkling”, but if buried in the rubbish too deep for too long, it will shine?  Environment can be created, it can still destroy people; friends can make your achievements, but also allows you mediocrity.That is why, in ancient times only “mother moved to three” choose door neighbor’s story.  ”Pian died between stables”, is the nag rather than the Maxima, Maxima will not be confined to pens because, Maxima belonging to the vast wilderness, dash.  Grew up under the eaves, are songbirds instead of the eagle, because the eagle will not seek security under the eaves, eagle belong to the vast blue sky, after flying.  Linger in the village, is a watchdog rather than a tiger, the tiger will not because in the village leisure, tigers belong to the vast forests, roaring shook.  If you want good, your friends will certainly excel; if you want wisdom, your friends will certainly knowing too; if you want to have a taste, your friends will certainly prowess.  Confucius said: “with the good living, such as irises and orchids into the room, long and not smell their fragrance, that of men with.And poor habitat, such as the Baoyuzhisi, for a long time and not smell the smell, but also of men with.Dan’s possession were red, black paint of the possession of persons, it is a gentleman must be careful with those at Yan.”” Sparrow thrush different voice, different Rooster Crows nest.”‘Birds of a feather flock together’.A person’s identity, a person’s value, a person’s achievement, a person’s status is often determined by his friends around to see friends around him, that he is wrong, gain and loss, to the failure, good or bad, superiority and inferiority, and his all.  AC’s best friend, do their best.    Part II: do the best they do not know when to begin, “Once” has become our memory of these people can not live without, from time to time in the heart take a bubble, but very little verbally revealed to outsiders.Because after all, can only understand those in the past is the past, after all, belongs only to that particular period of time, can not be copied, we can take away just called “memory” of things, which is stuffed full of emotion about that, that scene, land, and the man’s image, but also did not forget to remind ourselves that just in the past.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) in others, it seems very trivial thing, but it taught us a long while back, but God, thoughts messy.Then was it, that was the bright colorful image, want to reach out and feel the share warmth, lingering fingertips just the moment of thin air.What are away from us, to the speed of flying in general, it is far behind.  Now find many previously thought unattainable thing, in fact, will happen in their own side.What we have learned with people who are not familiar say a few kind words, when “helpless” will become our mantra, in a long list of contacts in the list, can be cynical, I want to talk there are a few people can talk?  Each age has its topic, from the strange to the familiar, but have not experienced the problem.We are a group of lazy people, a lot of things are too lazy to get a haircut, too lazy to do it, too lazy to think about, but it seems there will not be bothered to do one thing, and that is complain.Work the equivalent of one foot crossed the threshold of the mundane, and this is precisely as if life is a breeding ground for complaining general, no matter which side people are so dissatisfied, despite knowing no avail, but still inevitably complain.And I know complain about, so you have to make a change, now one of the elements to be learned – to accept and reconcile those maddening unfavorable factors.  The past six months have often heard my friends because of something rather bad mood, but few people can vent out, including himself.There are many ways to vent think, many times only limited to the time, place or personnel, they will eventually let the matter rest.A lot of things on the emotional, and the incident did not want to say, again after the fine, clear to occasionally mentioned, but no longer state of mind at.So people are lonely, many things can only own one thing, including the ideal and the reality.  Because of this, a strong heart to do so themselves, get rid of decadence, passive and inert, embrace the sun, confident and strong, there is, indeed, very good, not because of the kind of ivory tower in a school-like setting to say I love life in this case, but to know the world after the ugly and dark, still smiled and shouted these words, and happy to be alive.Part three: do the best you can sow a state of mind, an idea harvest; Sow a thought, reap a behavior; sow an act, reap a character; sow a character, reap a fate.  Everything starts with Thanksgiving, the embrace of a grateful heart, let us bear in mind deeply love, and passes it, this world because of Thanksgiving and beautiful.So I would love dedicated to the campus, the students concerned to give, to give parents filial piety, left to their own confidence.  Mother’s waist bent, straighten her spine gave me; my mother’s vertigo, and her bright eyes gave me; my mother’s deep wrinkles, she gave me a beautiful youth; the old mother, her the ageless soul gave me.Think parents pay, teacher’s encouragement, think of countless days and nights, I think everyone’s worried about, freeze my growth.Today, I put these promises joy, turned into a fly after a little experience, “Nabi” infinite glory to the world, in order to answer to parents, to teachers to score, give yourself infinite power; many years of patience and persistence, both parental love and selfless heart immortal, let me know how grateful.  We do riding junior high school journey, has now entered the high school hall.Knowledge is infinite hall decorated exceptionally substantial but slightly boring.High school life is but a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly flapping and flying an essential process, so I greet parents and teachers trudged forward with keen eyes.Even so I still insist, because I knew that “spray depleted hero,” How can we not experience wind and rain rainbow, no one can casually succeed; because I knew that, “There is nothing permanent; painstaking, day live “wins on; because I knew that experienced a ‘wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish’ learning, thinking process, will have a” people look for him thousands of Baidu when I look back, that person is in the dim light epiphany “of; because I knew ‘rise and fall, everyone is responsible’ major mission.So I learned to adapt, is left-handed stick, his right hand is hard, the middle is the relentless growth of Endeavor, tolerance and gratitude in baptism.Eighteen years old, it is the challenge of the age!Thanksgiving because we grew in courage.  Everything starts with Thanksgiving, pregnant with a grateful heart.Let his life for others to open a flower, a heart for others brilliant, warm ray of increase, more tenacity and dedication to others, the more their responsibilities and overcoming all obstacles!Can bloom for others mind is good, this kind of flower that perfumes will love; able to pay for the labor of others is a great labor, will be able to bear the fruit of goodness.  In the coming days, I will be pregnant with a grateful heart, all kinds of frustration bearish live, I will regret the pain of life, despite waves of panning, our youth because of hard work and abundance!Carrying Thanksgiving on the road, I believe I could do the best you can!