Do the right thing with the right people

Text / Zhaoyuan Bo led the students drove Confucius travel around the world.One day, driving the reins of the horse broke free and ran ate the crops of the farmer, the farmer was very angry, caught the horse Confucius, buckle up and put it.Confucius star pupil Zigong articulate, negotiate volunteered to go to the farmer to horse.Zigong lend a hand, humbly begged the farmer to put the horse, the farmer did not expect to see him young, well-dressed, gentle, mouthful telling the truths simply ignore him, smug Zigong hit a big nail, Confucius had dingy back side.Confucius let the coachman to go horse groom.Groom walked in front of the farmer, laughs and says: Dude, you are not farming in the East China Sea, I do not travel in the West, since we met together, and that is the fate!I occasionally eat horse between you two crops, not too big a deal of it.Farmers listen to groom say, look at him with his same dress, I feel very cordial, will be very happy to put the horse back to him.Confucius said: The people do not understand the truth to convince him, like the same, please enjoy worship the beast Tai Lao, please listen to the birds SHUN like beautiful music, is simply wrong of course, will not have any good effect.The employer is an art, do the right thing with the right people, with the horse adventure, to cattle farming, only the best, in order to receive good results, with less.