Do the norm

On the basketball court, the most passionate moments, undoubtedly Thundering dunks.So each year the NBA Finals most able to attract the audience’s attention.Everyone stared, afraid to miss a dazzling, incredible dunks.In the event of exciting dunk, it is able to mobilize his teammates and the audience’s emotions at that moment, dunk players will undoubtedly become the most shining star field.The audience can enjoy the Shan Hu tsunami-like cheers.    Basketball court legend Michael?Jordan is an excellent dunk hand, he gave an incredible, free-throw line dunk off to complete the flight of the king’s action won the dunk title.Completion of difficult dunk the basketball court basketball player performances sometimes become the goal of many.    Once the game after Jordan came home to find the basket on the basketball yard was lowered by about twenty centimeters, high school son is enthusiastically practicing dunks.He went straight to the basket transfer back to the original position, and then tell the puzzled son: Dunk is not the most important, you need to do is to practice shooting.Son retorted: shooting is too common thing.I imagine your audience’s attention as to become a star.Jordan smiled: any young player, with excellent explosive can be done nice dunk.But you thought not, on the basketball court, the basket was full of people, very few will be left to chance your opponents dunk.Moreover, if you think like me, playing hit forty years old, it is necessary to lay a solid basic skills of shooting.Because basketball player once over a three-year-old, power and physical strength are great as it once enjoyed by the body and eat dunk players, his basketball career will not last long.True, compared to dunk, Jordan more impressive is that fadeaway jumper, the high hit rate so helpless defender, which is created when Michael Jordan Bulls dynasty trump card.    Flourishing today the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant is also a crazy players to practice shooting.Bryant chose jersey No. 24 because he thought that one day 24 hours, for him, which means that focus on every day, there can be no negligence and laxity.One summer, he fractured his right hand, the pain can not stop his training, he began to try to shoot with his left hand, throughout the summer, he could have to the seaside resort, but he had drenched training very hard with his left hand in the training hall hit a ten thousand goals.Inf, past the final seconds of the game, Bryant’s lore are with the right hand, left hand and now he can be the key shots.    Many young people today are eager to become famous overnight, but if only imagined, was just a yellow beam dream, even if a eureka moment, but also doomed only a shooting star.Like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as down to earth to do the most ordinary things right!Under Over time, it would surely harvest unusual life.