be the best you can be

There is a young man to buy a bowl, came into the shop he picked up a bowl, then gently turn carom with other bowls, issued a dull immediately collide between the bowl and the bowl, muddy sound, he was disappointed to shake shook his head.Then go try a bowl.He almost picked through all the bowls shop, there is not even a satisfying, even the owner of the store is offering a bowl since that is fine also disappointed he shook his head put back.    The boss was very puzzled, and asked the bowl in his hand to touch another bowl Lao Shina What does it mean?He proudly told the owner, an elderly man told his know-how to pick bowl, gently collide when a bowl and another bowl, issued by the crisp, sweet sound, it must be had to bowl.    The boss suddenly realized, picked up a bowl handed him, smiled and said: “Young man, you take the bowl to try and keep you pick their favorite bowl”.He dubious conduct itself act.strange!He was holding the bowls have each issued by the crisp sound in gently collision, he does not understand how this is going, Jingwen its details.    The boss said with a smile, the reason is very simple, you just try brought the dog bowl bowl itself is a defective, you use it to test the voice inevitable muddy bowl, you have to want to get a bowl, we must first ensure their own to take the dog also I had to bowl, like a collision with another bowl bowl, like a heart with another heart in good faith in order to pay the collision sent a clear crisp sound.Himself with suspicion, doubt and even alert heart get along with others, which inevitably get other people’s mistrust and suspicion.(Sanwen Sauna News .sanwen.COM) In fact, everyone can become his life “elegant”, provided that you should be with people.You will get paid a sincere appropriate trust, you give love will be respected.On the contrary, you are to others hypocrisy, jealousy and even hate, someone else can only be a wall of thick walls and a cold heart.    Everyone’s life has a bowl, a bowl of candy goodness, trust, tolerance, honest, candy also hypocritical, narrow-minded, jealous, selfish.Please eliminate impurities in the bowl, then smiled and greeted collision another bowl, and issue you a crisp, hearty laughter bar!    Do your best to crash out of the best of others!