Case fans Bram Stoker

1, between the headless corpse Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing years, Ganzhou, Jiangxi region out of a well known magistrate, called Tang Anli.Tangan Li childhood extraordinary intelligence, a rare Cai Ming, a young age in the highest imperial examination, entry Hanlin, faithfully, Beijing officials; and 27, putting Ganzhou Xinfeng, in addition to grant magistrate, became chief ranking official of Xinfeng County, It can be described as too proud, promising.But Tangan Li did not result in complacency, complacency.Poor background, he knew sufferings of the people, therefore I can sympathize with the people, integrity, due diligence.Not long after taking office, he did a lot of good things for the people, famous.Moreover, Tang Anli there are unique skills that make good judgments major difficulty.No matter how complex the case, only after he investigated, there is no unbreakable.So the people affectionately called him off to Don God.  That day, a friend from Tangan Li Yan-Cong Wang Yuanwai its children to Beijing on an exam farewell banquet held back to county government.Ya just entered the hospital, Zhang Sheng adviser hurriedly ran in from the outside, sweating.  Adult, bad, out of a murder!Zhang Sheng said breathlessly.  Tang Anli body’s nerves immediately tense up.  where is it?Tangan Li Zhang Sheng sharp eyes looked straight into his face grim.  Sanyo Official Road side of the mountain in Wolong.Zhang Sheng answer.  Fast, called on Wuzuo.We go now Wolong Mountain.  When Tangan Li led his men rushed to the Wolong mountain scene in front of him can not help but suck down a cold lump.But see two dead bodies lying in the weeds in a T-shaped leaves.Beheaded corpse’s head has gone.Corpse also designated fragmented, severely, very tragic situation like.Coagulated blood everywhere Ukraine everywhere, filled with the smell of fish.  Several runners have surrounded the corpse, on-site protection.  Several Woodman, standing nearby, pointing toward the side, whispering, whispering.  When discovered?Tangan Li asked adviser.  About an hour ago, I was the first to discover that a few woodcutter, and then reported to the police.Zhang Sheng pointed to a woodcutter who.  They split up and carefully survey the scene, do not miss any clues.Tangan Li told Road.  So get busy.  Tangan Li on the corpse carefully searched again, but found nothing.Two corpse, in addition to crushed was classified as clothes, nothing else.Other people around the corpse search, also found nothing.In addition to live two bodies, did not leave anything of value.  Tangan Li can not help but look thickened.They kill the murderer, then chopping off heads and put them all the things found and removed.It is clear that the murderer did not want us to know their identity.Tang Anli, concluded that.  I think so, adults.Adviser nodded.Otherwise, they would not cut off the head of the deceased.Tangan Li told runners who carried back the bodies of the county government, and then down the mountain ready.At this point, he suddenly found sharp-eyed twenty feet away from the corpse of a Komatsu bright green trees have kind of stuff.Tangan Li quickly walked over, picked up the thing, carefully observed a moment, it turned out to be a jade carved with eagle.Eagle left on the trail of blood, one foot already broken, and the rest were still intact.Tang Anli the jade eagle collection of good, then back to the county government of subordinates.  Back to the county government, the murder is extremely heavy, Tangan Li did not slack, and Wuzuo night together and made a detailed examination of the two headless corpse.Two are dead skin delicate, wearing a burlap commoner.Experienced Wuzuo may infer both during his lifetime for young people in their twenties, came from the Department of ordinary people.Careful Tangan Li also found that there are ink marks on a dead right index finger.He infer that the deceased may be a scholar, rhetorical exercise for many years, is leaving the ink on the right index finger.However, apart from these, they could extract from the deceased not see any useful information.Who is dead?Why do they have to suffer such murderous?Who is so cruel viciously killed them?Is it a vendetta?These problems, like a round mess, always wrapped in Tang Anli heart, let him numerous thoughts, Chafanbusi.  The next day just doing nothing, Tangan Li feel bored, I decided to go for a walk, complicated feelings about distraction.As the headless corpse case has been lingering in my heart, his first thought is that the foot of the Wolong Sanyo Official Road.Go there for a walk, perhaps to have unexpected gains, he thought to myself.The thought here, can not help a bit excited Tang Anli.He immediately put on civilian clothes, to pull on his horse stables rhubarb, alone, quietly left the county government from the back door.  East of town, is the Official Road Sanyo.Sanyo Gan Guan Dao is the only way to Beijing South Lingnan region.Many pedestrians traveling north-south every day.Just learning to ride near Tangan Li did not dare to full speed, but Xu Lan bridle line.  A time when the imperial palace examination every three years.Gongshi who have around Beijing exam.Tangan Li will encounter along the road a few scholar Beijing exam.Looking at these students, Tangan Li can not help but recall himself took part in the expedition, winning Scholars origin, became Godfather, entry Imperial Academy, became the envy of all officials in the capital overnight, were moving the capital.What a glorious, what a spirited ah.Think of these, Tangan Li’s face passing touch of pride.This time the occasion late spring in March, birds are flying long grass, fallen flowers.Far as the eye looked, mountains and plains are all vitality.Tang Anli see it really nice, relaxed and happy.  Suddenly, behind the abrupt burst of horseshoe rings.Before he could come back, two white figure on skimming over from him, and soon disappeared in front of the corner.Then, a burst of fragrance in the nose toward Rutanganli.Tang Anli feel very familiar with this fragrance, which smelled as if.He could not help but hear a couple.As he tried to remember in the end is where heard of this scent, a flash of hoofs and from the front came.When he was a closer look, two white silhouette has been a whirlwind came before him.It turned out to be two girls.Beginning with the girl of twenties, lilies and roses, the United States if the angel.Both are dressed in a white coat, elegant chic, like a fleeting.  Tang adults, how the mood for an outing ah come out today?Heading girl asked, smiling.  Yan girl is not there yet Masaoki?Tangan Li also asked smilingly.