Aluminum City Summer

In the “Aluminum City” People have the impression, in late May, early June is undoubtedly the most beautiful season of the year.    At this time, the green with a view to summarize, surrounded with a green interpretation in this desert oasis the most appropriate.Green fields, green air, and even the person’s mood is also rendering green.Immersed in the green hue to the atmosphere, surging mind from time to time some of this oasis in the desert margins associated with the word child, word.But my pen Zuiben humble, how can not describe this moment in front of people’s views.    Continuous low temperature this spring, so that people have not realized that spring brings warm and gentle, sunny feel not bring spring, summer has quietly come between people’s eyes.Although long overdue, but the earth is full of vitality, green.Nestled in the lush flowers in this case is also particularly conspicuous, people have this beautiful messenger generated heartfelt sigh.    You see, small blossoming flower Rosa flower beds on both sides of the road that nest cluster Rosa colorful dripping hanging in the branches, very charming, prompting passers-by stop to watch some of the not yet open, but also budding , looked sideways, like children dressed in festive costumes, and they seem to fall on top of rose-colored butterfly, also it happened, really chasing butterflies among the flowers, then smiled and roses in the wind caresses you and I frequently nodded, more intoxicated people, people full of imagination.    Whenever walking, commuting road through the community, there are always flowers along the nose broke through to the bones.Road two most prominent local green community, to see inside the oval flower beds, inside in addition to pine, Rosa, there are other flowers bloom.Flowers appear, do not say that the flowers, is that one green leaves, weeds are Zhu Zhu dress this season, this dress is not the man mentioned places!    Walking, watching the lush green, even the good mood a lot, from time to time through a group of boys and girls, ladies dressed in colorful flowing dress on the road, exposing the white skin, slim figure; the young man dressed in general and Ms.?Shirts, colorful colors that, as if drifting away from the side of a colorful rainbow cloud.Dazzling summer call you can not tell what color the most beautiful, makes it easy to integrate people view.    Summer beauty, so enjoy the sway between heaven and earth, and if the ink brush painter, in the blue sky, painted with a picture of colorful picture.The thing that catches the eye is dark green, is a clear green, silver green.These are both completely changed the appearance of the bud when it is so verdant, so the rich.All levels enjoy the life of his best show in front of people.    Immersed in this fine spring day, feeling, praise the beautiful summer bring.Usually looks a little drab, sand wanton reluctant to talk, they can not be compared and the home of the pit bottom of the pot, and when they became so beautiful, it is because of the arrival of summer?It is the nature of love it?I could not name a question mark in my mind?    Deep revel in the day that’s flowing color Yixiang, sucking Rosa bring the flavor of the time, a sudden gust of wind blowing, nose blowing another wave of light, pleasant fragrance, Oh, is that exudes a rich aroma the yellow-white Huaihua.    I saw that the trees are hung yellow and white tree Sophora japonica, an elegant tree, a whirring, a bunch of flowers, even the air is filled with the sweet fragrance of Sophora japonica.Sometimes I stopped listening to its atmosphere, that string of Huaihua, inclusion in the verdant leaves, is so beautiful, so charming.When you go under the tree, dressed breeze blowing, floating floral nose entrance, wrapped in elegant atmosphere Qinru Heart, suddenly returning to the kind, friendly, familiar feel your heart will dip drunk Township.    Not only have people locust tree Sophora japonica Sophora japonica admirable, it is not blooming acacia trees in the street, in the park, next to a one, for people to hide from the sun’s natural barrier umbrella, for people to call Road.Not to mention the hot early summer, it has been a unique landscape of our edge of the Gobi desert, the overall impression it produces reverie and sigh.    Following the roses, Sophora japonica, that simple angustifolia flowers are then rush times like thrust came, side drains, sidewalk, fields everywhere.You see, he hung a string of yellow flowers, Mimizaza on that silver-green branches; hidden behind the leaves of silver, like the twinkling stars; and yet is so quiet, elegant.Xu breeze, the fragrance drifting around, soak into the depths heart and lung, instantly, the whole air filled with the rich flavor angustifolia flowers.    Sometimes I stop and breath to smell standing under a tree, and yet it seems not smell what the smell, the olfactory Shique not everywhere filled with fragrant flowers angustifolia, also in the intoxicating fragrance of flowers angustifolia in.And it angustifolia spend even more intense than that of Huaihua fragrance of roses, but also fragrance.I can not help but think it soak into the depths of the aromatic bloom season, the season of September Shaguo numerous gratifying scene, but also people think of it with its pristine beauty dotted with life, dress up the “bottom of the pot hole”.    Happily not stop it!You see hollyhock originally belonged to East China, Central China, North China, South China actually are planted here gave birth to root!Bloom, but also a variety of colors.There are pink, red, purple, ink purple, white, yellow, bright pink, butter yellow, the color, etc., there are both single lobe petals, people looked at some reluctantly, unwilling to leave.    Hollyhock, though not beautiful, nor the aroma in the street to call Lara opened into one, to attract passing pedestrian commuting.It is when they grow, did not pay attention, is planted when, is not clear, see in that tall rough dry flower children straight to the sky, flower child tightly attached to the flowers dry, Mimizaza.A piece, it is unrestrained, free.It will make people feel good, even though it is not bright, not charming, but where it is long settled in where and what color it is willing to open to open to what color.And no one else to swiftly soaring, flower children steadily upward, snapping put out a large bloom, let it added a touch of focus, it can have a warm affair!    Sometimes walking through the plant most narrow green belt, the first cow came to the foot of the ups and downs of high slope, black bird’s-eye view of the lush green and found it was actually surrounded by green in the open desert, surrounded by sand dunes everywhere Hunhuang sometimes feel as if into the desert among the oasis is not too much.Looking at the entire plant in the rough, row upon row of buildings, towering smokestacks, floating lengthy smoke, all of which are both nestled in the green in this, but also like an emerald embedded in the open desert.    Looking at the green trees of a tree, spikes, green, make that in light ink Fancy.This gives the green belt pondering fresh, pleasant, comfortable, and savor this spotless green, verdant; looking at the blue blue sky, looking at the clouds of poplar old willow catkins erratic Yanghwajin in swaying, as if to show off to everyone.Summer is coming.I saw flocks of birds stop knot branches, while another soaring to the sky, random and disappear without a trace, the frogs came from time to time at the marsh, cuckoo “cuckoo,” “cuckoo” drawing high-pitched song, light fly slow dance of bees and butterflies also leave at the end, he has the potential cicada cries among the leaves blew.Scattered in the shade and under the sun, speckled, cast a broken shadow of the earth seemed safe but quiet.Feel this atmosphere, you will feel this atmosphere of nourishing people’s heart and lung, the influence of the person’s mood.    Sometimes think, predecessors to this desert have green, they tirelessly put a Zhu Zhu seedlings, planting along with sweat together into this desert, so this piece of desert with the green, there is hope.I had to dress up this desert for seniors with youth life and beautify their homes verve generated heartfelt admiration and praise!It is because they pay only the year’s most beautiful scenery here.This is only the “bottom of the pot hole” scenic summer.    Exposure “Aluminum City”, perhaps in others it seems there is nothing worth commendable scenery, it also can not see the colorful.But I think, as long as the hearts of the King, as long as love life, and my heart a little more green, even if unremarkable longer ordinary landscape also is a beauty!