Give yourself a beautiful mood

In the morning, my daughter suddenly asked me mysteriously, ” Mom, do you know what blue and thin mushrooms are?”? I shook my head puzzled. She smiled at my thief and said, ” Then check it online.”! You don’t even know such a popular word, it’s too far away. ‘ say that finish, turned to go out to school.   My heart is depressed, what is the relationship between those popular words and me? Is it worth my exploring? Does it have anything to do with my rice oil salt? I think so, but I still searched the Internet, so I was happy that this’ blue thin mushroom’ actually represents a person’s mood and was’ sad to cry’. I hurried to work, but lost in thought on the way.   For me with working class, does this word also apply to myself?   There are so many helplessness in life that people can’t jump out of the whirlpool it weaves. In the face of the depression of the unit, the decline of wages, the study of my daughter and the health of the old man . ah, my heart is weighed down with heavy stones.   This is not the case. The whole factory has started a vigorous competition for employment. Many people are facing no jobs or changing jobs. After that, he began to reduce wages, saying that he was going to reduce wages back to 2013. As a result, people were panic-stricken and rumors were rife.. For this state-owned factory, although it cannot bring wealth to people, the wages have remained the same, just as people around you said: Not enough to eat but not hungry to die. However, wages began to decline this year, which caused the thousands of people who have been staying at the factory all day long to panic and feel that the sky is falling and that despair is spreading and spreading around the factory like an infectious disease.. Then, rumors began to spread across the board that older people would be sent home to ease the burden on factories.. As a result, another explosion of unrest has left employees of state-owned factories feeling threatened by rumors. Therefore, this ” blue thin mushroom” is really suitable for us..   In fact, this meager salary can’t afford the expenses of the whole family. It’s really earned’ money for raising life’ instead of’ money for saving life’. Once there are some changes in life, then these salaries will be thrown in, like small drops of water in the sea. Why can’t you see the figure of money?. However, people who are accustomed to eight hours a day and sit down and die while waiting for wages are unable to change the status quo. They can only stick to it month after year, saying ” peace is happiness” and praying for no illness or disaster, but only want to cry and ask for no help if there is a disaster..   Recently, there has been a depression everywhere. The piles of online shopping goods discharged by the courier at the gate of the factory were already wasted, leaving only a few scattered goods stacked on the ground, so that everyone can not forget how fanatical the online shopping was.. So I thought about the upcoming Double Eleven, whether there will be the prosperity created by Ma Yun in those days? Will the feverish purchasing power still show up? But I don’t know. My husband is a computer salesman, and recently I saw him lazily playing games at home and occasionally going out to work. Sometimes he has hundreds of dollars and sometimes he is empty, making my life even more urgent.. My daughter is now studying in junior high school. In order to get into a better senior high school, the cost of cram school has also appeared one after another. As a result, the salary that was only enough for her life is weak..   Recently, there has also been a farce. Relatives of the husband’s family did not have the money to turn over business, so they strongly mortgaged my house with my in-laws for cash. This farce completely collapsed me, adding to the already hard-pressed days.. Just because I was the head of the household, I was driven by relatives and husbands of my husband’s family to complete all kinds of mortgage procedures, and my heart bled as I completed these procedures.. When is the day of this mess?   Therefore, the popular word ” blue thin mushroom” of this network is reflected in my heart and eyes. I think there should be many and many people who are struggling in the vortex of life with me. They are unable to get rid of the fate of ” blue thin mushroom”, but they are also struggling forward. No matter how many setbacks fate has given us, no matter how miserable their lives are, they should always stick to it.? Think of a word: today’s matter, tomorrow is a small matter; This year, next year is the story; In this life, the next life is a legend! So, this’ blue thin mushroom’ let me hide in my heart and make the most beautiful smile for my life.. Silence is the best choice. Tears, is the bottom of my heart. Since I chose this kind of life, I will hide my tears, ” Lentinus edodes” raised his head and looked at the relatives around me. I will also be strong and brave for them..   This reminds me of a friend of mine, who not only worked hard for 8 hours, but also took part-time Didi taxi, opened a WeChat store and sold melon seeds and peanuts or underwear, enjoying her life. Whenever I mention her, my friends say that my eyes shine with admiration and countless bright stars flash out.. I was really impressed by her spirit. Not that life does not treat us kindly, but that we do not work hard and do not work hard to change our destiny. It’s just’ blue and thin mushrooms’ instead of trying to move forward. There’s always hope ahead. The black nightclub dissipates in the dawn, and we’ll live happily and happily.!   Recently, I have become more and more fond of holding the pen in my hand, writing a mood, writing and writing my mood into a single piece of writing.. In case of human changes in temperature, naturally not surprised! Years are ruthless, turning life into mud, time is lonely, and there are many things we can’t afford. Feel life with your heart, write words with your heart, don’t let your heart become a desert, even’ blue and thin mushrooms’ are forgotten in the desolation. Living is a kind of moving, living, is a kind of most beautiful.   Give yourself a bright mood and don’t let yourself fall into the bitterness you weave. I am not alone. I care most about the thoughts of relatives and friends.. No matter how’ blue thin mushroom’ goes deep into my heart, I am still in the autumn rain, looking for my own bright and warm mood..Falling in love with life, falling in love with the world, all without any definite number, just keep moving forward!   Cheer yourself up!