Fireworks on earth

My favorite Chinese character is’ simmer’. When the weather is cold, there’s a stir of red in the quiet stove simmers without haste or rashness.. The firewood rattled off at the bottom of the pot, the mutton soup was stewed in the pot, ” zi zi” braved the tempting heat, and the cat beside the furnace was snoring. Two people gossiped one by one, one knitting a sweater while watching the soup in the pan.. The other man idly rummaged through the newspaper. Outside the house, the door was closed by heavy snow, and it did not come out for several days.. Eggplant is especially big, onion is especially fragrant, ribs are fresh and beautiful, pigs should be killed especially.     I have a good feeling for all Chinese characters with’ fire’, such as’ pot’,’ cook’,’ fry’,’ stove’,’ stir – fry’, which are full of human fireworks and exuberant exuberance..     The ancients said: eat drink man woman, how can human desires survive. Food, color, sex also. It’s too tired to be a secular master, so it’s not impossible to be a eat drink man woman. The long is suffering, the short is life. Life is too short to worry about. He comes like a flower and goes like a flower. Impermanence is swift and fleeting like light and shadow. I like an old song from Li Xianglan very much, and I take part in the regulations of He Ri – jun’s coming again: Good flowers don’t often bloom, and good scenes don’t often exist.. Sorrow gathers and smiles, tears spill over the acacia belt. After tonight’s departure, what day will you come again. After drinking this cup, please come in and have some small dishes. Life seldom gets drunk a few times. What’s more to be done if you don’t like it?. After tonight’s departure, what day will you come again. There is also a lazy saying of ” white” in the middle. Come on, let’s finish this cup.     Thousands of words, to drink this cup to say again. The old record has a rough noise and a rough texture.. Yiyi ah hum, is endless full of beautiful things in the wind and moon, and thick tender feelings that cannot be melted away.     A woman who has no heart and heart is also deeply attached to her old dress last year.. I like simple black-and-white matching, and I also like bright red and green things, which are common and reasonable. Baolan and apple green, the clear and uneven contrast, have long been abandoned by today’s people. There was a short section in the Jin Ping Mei Regulations. Song Huilian, the daughter-in-law of the family, wore a red coat and borrowed a skirt to wear it.. Ximen Qing looked not pleasing to the eye and opened the box to find a blue silk dress with her. When I read this, I couldn’t help crying out for Ximen Qing’s unique aesthetic judgment. In the one-time meeting of the regulations on a dream of red mansions, Baochai was wearing a dark and glossy coat, a honey-colored cotton-padded jacket, a rose-purple gold-silver mousetrap jacket, a green, yellow and silk cotton skirt, and a half-new color. It was Baochai’s most impressive dress, charm and charm, such as in front of me..     No matter how photogenic a woman is, she will always return to the ordinary life at home. A generation of talented woman Zhang Ailing became very low and very low after seeing Hu Lancheng. But the heart was glad, and flowers were blossoming out of the dust. That’s why he would willingly put on his apron and grab a spoon to cook for him. In my opinion, the woman who can cook is the most feminine. Feminine flavor was cooked in the pot, bowl, ladle and pot of smoky fire all the year round.. In the kitchen, in the hall. As low as the dust, washing my hands to make the bridal soup’s women are the most lively and fragrant..     I also like many things full of fireworks, such as rouge – lit cakes, mooncakes on the Mid – Autumn Festival, dumplings on the Lantern Festival, dumplings on New Year’s Eve, dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival, and porridge on the Laba Festival … Ah, live in this world of fireworks, day by day, warm and slow.. Such as the old cotton shoes on the windowsill in my hometown and the sunshine on the bright red velvet lining.