be forced to leave home and wander about

Blink of an eye, and in the loss of time and displacement for nearly a month, unconsciously the end of August, for many people, the new semester is about to begin. It’s just me, but I’m still trying to look back and walk through the time.     I stumbled in the fleeting time, puzzled and persisted, and then watched something that had been embedded in the deepest part of my heart dissipate gradually. I also wanted to try my best to catch something that may never really have been treasured, but all my heart was lost in the past insistence. I really don’t have so much strength to continue the one-man show that nobody cares about now.!     For a long time, I always remember a lot of things between sleeping and waking, thinking of many people. I always have the same vague figure in my sleep. It is a beautiful scene, but my heart has faint colic. There are always big tears hanging out of the corner of my eye when I wake up, probably tears that can’t fall off during the day, all piled up in my dream.. Accustomed to a sweet smile, I seem to forget what tears look like.     Friends said she was a girl with high self – esteem. I smiled slightly. I didn’t think so. As friends said, she was a sensitive and sentimental woman. Although a lot of women are careless now, some will not exist if they don’t think about it, and won’t be sad if they don’t care about it.! Some things, lost, can no longer have!     It seems to be back to the way it was a year ago, always sleeping in the middle of the night, curled up in bed at midnight, staring at an unknown place with your eyes open, there will be a lot of figures flashing in your mind, then you will want to talk to someone, open the phone book and press the dial key, there will be the same nice voice to answer the same question, and this time, it is the best time to rest.. I think of someone who said he wouldn’t turn off the phone, pressed the familiar number, and quickly closed the phone when I heard the music. We can’t be separated from each other by sadness.!     Heart in their own small world drift from place to place, can’t find a place to live, thought to choose a distant view would not have such a beautiful sadness, away from only to find that they are so afraid of alienation and strangeness. Some people say that the cruelest thing is not parallel lines, but intersecting lines. Indeed, although parallel lines will never have intersection points, they can still look nearby. This gaze can be affectionate, warm and bring happiness and sweetness. The intersecting lines are gradually moving away after a short intersection. What is pulling apart is the pain and distance of heart tearing, which are becoming more and more remote and will disappear at the end of life and cannot even be kept with a sigh.! However, I will still choose the intersection line, even if it is cruel, even if it is painful, because the happy and sad memory is so loathe to give up! So, in one’s thoughts, there are successive ones! Miss is cold as frost and snow. If the morning sun shines, you and I still have nothing in hand. Please don’t despair and treasure yourself.!