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  Routine loans witness readme: hand five or six million mortgage still owe the house is more than 100 million Source: New Jingwei just beginning to borrow five or six million turnover, eventually became a rolling hundreds of million of debt, it sounds like It is a fantasy, but in the near future but often occur in some routine loan victim。 Recently, the citizens of Nanjing Mr. Zhang began his most Readme would like to take five or six million turnover in new latitude to the client, and ultimately caught routine loans saddled with debts of millions of experience。
  Loans 300,000 hand just 50,001 in October 2017, because Mr. Zhang also on hand tight to borrow five or six million credit card, they found Li Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) working at a small loan company (hereinafter referred to as A small loan company)。
  "Li Xiaoyu was asked if I have a house, I told him, he asked me the house in which cell, what size, how much area, how high floor, Building age long, I told him all。
"Mr. Zhang retrospect, 'trap' at this time already from cloth, the beginning Li Xiaoyu who is targeting his property, but he was unaware。   The first loan experience quite smooth, it also allows Mr. Zhang Li Xiaoyu had confidence。 Then, when Mr. Zhang intends to borrow money in the second but ran into trouble, this time the small loan companies are reluctant to lend money to a Mr. Zhang。   However, after a few days, Mr. Zhang Li Xiaoyu has found that there is a can make loans, but Mr. Zhang told "take on real estate license"。
  After watching Mr. Zhang's real estate license and had room to field inspection, the second small loans company (hereinafter referred to as B small loan company) Mr. Zhang's bank card to hit ten thousand yuan。
However, after the money credited into account, small loan company sent two large men immediately requested Mr. Zhang to the bank counter to them to take 160,000 yuan。   "They say these 16 million is the margin, but refused to give me bail credentials。
Then, let me take $ 2000 for both of them as labor costs。
"Zhang recalls.。
And because cash at the counter take, Mr. Zhang's bank water can not prove this "deposit" back to the B Company of the hands of small loans, it can not prove the two men to labor。
  Jingwei among new clients (micro-channel public number: jwview) when you call Li Xiaoyu to the identity of borrowers, Li Xiaoyu said the loans only received 3% -5% service charge, paid after the loan arrival, there is no other "margin" and other expenses。
"There certainly is a lie Margin。 "Said Li Xiaoyu。   However, another self-proclaimed recently suffered routine loan Wei Xu (a pseudonym) told the latitude and longitude new clients (micro-channel public number: jwview), a small loan agency will not begin to tell customers that there are so many doorways, if a start He says, and there would be so many people fooled。
  A few days later, B small loans company who phoned to say, Mr. Zhang also need to give them a million to pay fees。 "They say this is the norm, so I went to the bank and give them a million。 "Jingwei Zhang told the new client (micro-channel public number: jwview), although most of the deposit paid, this loan is still calculated in accordance with the principal amount of ten thousand yuan, 25,000 yuan per month need also, also 12 consecutive months。
  At first glance, this seems to be interest-free loan, but actually get rid of deductions and deposit fees, etc., the actual annual interest rate has exceeded 130%。
  Soon, a month repayment period is up, due to the busy work, Mr. Zhang forgot to timely repayment。
At this time, B small loan company salesman will call and tell Mr. Zhang's wife, if we do not pay back the money Mr. Zhang family house is gone。 In order to prevent his wife worry, Mr. Zhang lied no big problem to solve everything himself。   Subsequently, Mr. Zhang followed the two men to the bank ATM machine withdrawals。
Mr. Zhang was originally planned to only two men 25,000 yuan as the principal and interest payments in November, but the two men said, the money is not enough。
In two of coercion, Mr. Zhang took out 78,000 yuan。   Mr. Zhang calculated under their own total loans 300,001 yuan, after deducting the margin fell, labor costs, fees and repayment amount for the first time that he actually took only a small loan company B 50001 thousand Yuan。
  The house was rolled into the mortgage debt of millions to Mr. Zhang did not expect is that their nightmare has just begun。
  After Mr. Zhang to get repayment of 78,000 yuan, the two men called for an immediate termination of Mr. Zhang, one-year loan contract, and also requested late fees, and even the original ten thousand yuan plus late fees, a total of 460,000 yuan, and asked he immediately repayment。   At this point Mr. Zhang was very puzzled, he obviously was also more than 70,000, plus a margin and so on before, why has so much money?The interest and demurrage exactly how counted?  He told the two men that he has not played much, and then two men threatened him saying: do not even think to go play money。
Mr. Zhang worried about his wife and parents by personal injury can only follow two men went to a so-called "fill loans company"。
  The two men told Mr. Zhang, he can borrow money to fill a loan before the loan company to fill。 This time, Mr. Zhang mortgaged their houses need to borrow 510,000 yuan, including the need for small loans back to 46 million, and to give credit to fill the company $ 50,000 fee。   After Mr. Zhang received 510,000 yuan of transfer, small loans company who immediately grabbed his cell phone will turn away money。 Just because the network is not good, some of the money is not transferred successfully。
  The next day, the small loans company B's door two men again, requested Mr. Zhang finished the rest of the money transfer, and also took away Mr. Zhang's real estate license, said on behalf of the company transferred to fill the loan。
  A small loan company then re-emergence of Li Xiaoyu, after listening to Mr. Zhang about his experience, he "kind," suggested Mr. Zhang: "how do you say that earlier, we'll help you fill these 51 million, but you should take over real estate license, we do real estate mortgage loans, we are here to do in the room you bet placement of money, that do fill in the loan company, you might not get to the last penny。
"After listening to Mr. Zhang, Li Xiaoyu and then go back to fill the loan companies want to own real estate license。 Li Xiaoyu and fill the loan company's head office chatted for half an hour later, the company promised to fill in credit and loan contracts and other real estate license back to Mr. Zhang, done by a real estate mortgage loans A small company。   Around January 20, with Mr. Zhang Li Xiaoyu to Nanjing, a real estate mortgage company signed the contract plus a promissory note, a total of 600,000。   But a month later, Mr. Zhang found in the Housing Authority's housing register showed that the house actually been pledged 100 million。
He called real estate mortgage company would like to clarify exactly how it is, the rest of the 400,000 actually go up, but the other did not listen。   By this time, Mr. Zhang was found in just four months time, from the beginning, his hand only 51,000 yuan loan。
"I have been worried they hurt my family because of my weakness, and now my house is mortgaged, the debt roll became more than 100 million, and my hands are almost no credentials, but also my wife and I divorced.I live in fear every day。
"Mr. Zhang Jingwei finally told in new clients (micro-channel public number: jwview), he has reported to the Nanjing local public security organs, public security organs have been accepted, but the final outcome is not to say。   It is understood that in recent years, the country "routine credit" in case after another, according to the Shanghai prosecutors revealed that Shanghai indicted in 2017 "routine loan" had 58 cases, involving 183 people, the court has ruled that 42 118 people。   A Director of Shanghai Municipal Procuratorate indictment Xishan Qing also concluded in a group interview at the meeting held in January this year, the so-called "loan-routine" case, refers to the suspect as "liquidated damages", "margin", "business rules" and other species name of fraud victims inflated loan contract signed, the yin and yang contract or real estate mortgage loan contracts and other types of contracts is obviously not conducive to the victim, manufacturing bank water marks, manufacturing all kinds of excuses unilaterally recognized the victim "breach of contract" and asked to "pay" virtual high borrowing, in the case of the victim unable to "pay" and thus clear evidence against the victim by debt collection or use of its various manufacturing and other means of civil action before the court to put pressure on the victims or their close relatives, in order to achieve the occupation of victims or the purpose of the legal property of close relatives。
  He also suggested that the effect is to strengthen social governance recommendations of Attorney。 For a "routine credit" in case the characteristics of groups of victims, prosecution recommendations for the development of relevant high incidence of occupational groups drafted to enhance the effect of social governance。
  Second is to strengthen the social aspects of promotion and prevention efforts。 Routines for key credit crime gullible masses, such as lending institutions select links, debt instruments signature links, personal property infringement links in all directions, carrying out social propaganda warning diversification and help them improve vigilance and identification of crime。

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