Er ya’s birthday

Today is Erya’s birthday. Thirty – ninth birthday. On March 23, 2012, the second day of the third month of the lunar calendar. That is to say, with a cry thirty-nine years ago, Erya announced her arrival to the world.     Er ya is the kind of romantic and childish nature, she has no talent in her heart, and she does what she wants … ah, there is always something like this or that in her body.. And she is the kind of woman who is pure and clean in heart and looks at the world in a fragrant greenhouse, and can maintain such a state of mind no matter what kind of setbacks she encounters..     Er ya is the second of the brothers and sisters and the apple of her parents’ eye. In the words of Erya’s father, the eldest daughter is very good and many things can be done alone. The youngest son is steady and careful, which is his wealth. The second daughter alone made her love and solicitude. The whole family adored her, and even the children looked at her face and decided to distance themselves from her.. The joys and sorrows of the family fluctuated with her mood.     In the evening, mom prepared a table of food. The birthday cake has already been laid. The brothers and sisters all came back with a bunch of flowers. The children also prepared exquisite gifts for their sister – in – law ( aunt ). Father also came back early, this is her second daughter’s event!     Er ya came back alone, a little unhappy. While the mother-in-law was waiting for the second uncle to come back for dinner, Erya said that her husband did not come back and had dinner in the company, on the grounds that a Corey colleague had recovered from a serious illness and thanked everyone.. After that, Erya stopped talking and just kept drinking with his father.     Mom thinks Erya is a bit wrong today. Stretched out his hand and smoothed her hair. Suddenly Erya’s tears came down. Er ya, though not the youngest in the family, is protected by her sister and younger brother. She has not suffered any injustice since she was a child.. Even the sister-in-law is the same as the younger brother. She is given everything and cares about her.. Er ya is stubborn. Under normal circumstances, Er ya will not show anything when the family is together.! Today’s tears are somewhat disappointing.     Father put down his glass, cleared his throat, prepared to start preaching, and was stopped by his mother’s gentle eyes. Father turned to pick up his glass and said, ” Come on, I wish my baby girl another year.”. Also more and more sensible. Children have already lit birthday candles, sang happy birthday songs and urged Er Ya to blow candles quickly.     ‘ still have to be his family. ‘ Er ya said with no head and no head. Mother understood this, but she said nothing. She looked at her daughter lovingly and smiled at her mouth. In the glow of the sunset, like the Virgin Mary. She knew that her daughter knew everything in her heart and just wanted someone to listen. After a while, she quietly left the table.     Er ya is good at everything but bad temper. My mother often said to Uncle Er, ” I used to use her since I was a child. I can’t do anything and I love to play with my temper.”. You can excuse her. ‘ whenever my mother-in-law said so, second uncle felt that he was not doing well enough and was always afraid of betraying the old man’s family.     During dinner, Erya’s husband called Erya to apologize. Er ya’s mouth said nothing, but he was still dejected. Elder sister and younger brother are constantly looking for topics to enliven the atmosphere. The children frolicked and grabbed the cake.     Baby I’m sorry, it’s not that I don’t hurt you. I really don’t want to hurt you again … ah. ‘ This is a song for Erya. Today is her 39th birthday. Her lover can’t be by her side and send her blessings by radio waves.. The host’s voice full of magnetism warms Erya’s heart.I don’t know when, Erya’s mother has turned on the radio.     Er ya smiled, and the whole family laughed.     After a while, Erya’s husband came back with a large bouquet of roses in his hand. Er ya walked over happily: ” I didn’t expect you to give me some songs.”! Thank you so much.! Er ya said, burying his face in the flowers. Oh! Er ya’s husband was somewhat callous and clearly understood what was going on. his brother-in-law on the table constantly winked at him. he glanced at his mother – in – law. er ya’s mother nodded, and he understood what was going on from the expression of the family..     Er ya’s husband grew up in the countryside and came to the city after graduating from college. He is not talkative, but he is excellent to Erya.. His parents are not around, Erya’s parents treat him like their own son. As he wrote on his blog: In this home, he understands warmth, love, life is wider and more intelligent than books.     March 23, 2012