Black eye is how they avoid eye socket formed farewell

What is the formation of dark circles is that many people have of the situation now, a lot of people even tried a lot of ways it has failed to remove dark circles。
So black eye in the end is how did this happen following small series to tell us something about how the formation of dark circles, they help you say goodbye to avoid eye socket!Black eye is how the formation of a regular smoker smoking is harmful to health, is the common sense。 And smoking will hurt us, but also lead to vascular aging, making the blood vessels showing a purplish blue, and over time became a black eye。 For non-smokers should avoid as far as possible avoid second-hand smoke, because it will still cause many health problems, such as congestion and eye。 2, the intake of too much salt in the diet intake of dark circles is the amount of how much salt formation, can cause edema, which is one of the important causes of dark circles。
If you find yourself in the dark circles are caused by this, then it would try to reduce salt intake, and check the list of hidden food salt。 3, eye cream on the market there are many good eye cream, eye cream is the most critical to containing K, vitamin A content, these two ingredients are proven to reduce dark circles。 Not a good eye cream is not good for the effect of dark circles。
4, the sun irradiation black eye is how the formation of the sun's harmful rays, there are many, will hurt the skin, resulting in fine lines and spots, it will also lead to appearance of dark circles。
So, when you go out it is best to wear sunglasses, and use more than SPF30。
5, body water Water is an extremely important part of our body。 If you get moisture deficiency, the body will be given a lot of signals。
Black eye is one of。
6, a balanced diet deficient in vitamin will cause damage to our skin, lack of vitamin?Or vitamin B2 can cause dark circles。
For beauty and health, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables。
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