Change your mind

If a person always thinks about what he owes others, treats others with gratitude, treats the world, lives and works happily, and pays without compensation, will he not be happy?? Things are so simple. If everyone can change their mentality, how beautiful the world would be? Wife is a teacher, teaching and teaching work, simple and happy, more than 40 people, busy all day long. I always blame her when I see her excitedly and don’t know whether she is busy or not wearily. ” You are more busy than the President of the United States.”! Are you tired or not? ‘ We’ve been married for more than 20 years, and she hasn’t stopped in the impression that she’s always busy, simple and happy.! Wife level is very high, theoretical knowledge is good, but never speak too much truth, always love silly smile, ” how to do it, they are so good to me, I can’t do it, I’m sorry to them. Come on, don’t say it, you always owe so much to others! You are desperately Sannianzi? Can’t you stop for a while and rest? Hey, look at what you said, have you ever seen a clock stop? Wouldn’t it be over? ‘ I have never seen her tired of her job, toiling all day, waiting on me and taking care of her children when she comes home.. I always blame her a few words, ” Why, is there any work to be done?”? ‘ She always stares at the beautiful big eyes and smiles stupidly at me.’ Ah, you don’t know how lovely those children are.! A girl saw my cold and runny nose and quietly handed me a paper towel. Well, there’s that naughty little guy who quietly poured me a cup of boiled water and said, teacher, you moisten your throat. Well, I owe them too much. She always said that there is still a lot to be done, and it should be done better, but not better. Every night studying at home is a time when the family seldom get together for a while. She always does not have time to spare and tidy up the housework while nagging about the new things that happen in the class – in fact, it is nothing more than a student who has made rapid progress recently, a student who is always absent-minded in class and a student whose foundation is too poor and needs special compensation.. I heard drowsy, too lazy to take a reason for her, let her tell me what to do. Daughter is not as easy to handle as I am. She is tired of hearing too much. ” Mom, why are you always wordy? Can you care about your daughter? I am your own. ‘ At this time, the wife always smiled apologetically at her daughter. ” Ha ha, forget my baby daughter.”. However, my baby worry, don’t use mother nagging every day. The wife always tries to give her daughter some compensation, such as helping her tidy up her room and asking her if she has any difficulties in studying.. When she finds out that her daughter has made new progress, she will always take the time to praise her, ” Gee, she has made rapid progress in her studies, so she doesn’t have to worry about her mother.”. ‘ It’s my turn to sing a cool tune on the side at this moment.” Yes, how nice your daughter is. Don’t you care, she will grow up.! – ha ha, mom don’t, I still have dad, rest assured! Daughter is ungrateful, ” hum, you all have enough to worry about. you are all busy, but I am not busy.”! Gee, look, look, baby daughter is angry, isn’t it? I don’t care much about it. I know my daughter is coquetry. The wife took it seriously, ” hey hey, stay with her for a while.”. Mom owes you and dad too much … ” How can I be embarrassed when I say this?? I said, I know in my heart that our father and daughter blame you, hoping you can stop, have a good rest and have more fun in life.. She wants to open her beautiful big eyes and look at me and my daughter in amazement. ” Ha ha, wrong, I am very happy and busy.”? ‘ daughter comfort, and husband, husband is not as good as daughter to wait on oh. Smelly socks, smelly shoes, dirty clothes and floors need to be cleaned. Ah, if only tile were laid, wet mop would be used and it would be washed away in a few breaths.. The wood floor is different, delicate and delicate. The mop should be carefully pulled. The mop should not be too wet. It’s better to use a dry mop again.! Ah, ah, I said where to get so many rules, snore again, don’t you have to clean it? But she was so enthusiastic that she had to clean up before giving up. I’m really convinced. I can’t bear to lie in bed and watch people speak. Hey, it’s not exciting. I have to get up and work? Let’s do it. Who told me that I was not too lazy to move?? Who told me to love my wife? However, to do some work, it is inevitable to murmur a few words. Look at you, the work of the unit is less crowded and the home is not ready as early as possible.? Do you still need me to do it myself?Hey hey, look at this man, do some work and find yourself a thousand reasons to quit!     My wife loves to talk to me and will enlighten me when I am not happy. Sometimes it’s also a rare gesture of warmth. The little woman generally leans on me and says lovingly, ” Alas, the work has delayed too much time, the family has asked less questions, and often she can’t even give you food.”. ‘ words, reveals a kind of remorse, a kind of guilt, like a primary school student who made a mistake, seems to have to blame me a few words to end up in peace. In fact, I know in my heart, which modern professional woman can turn around the hearth every day and wait on her husband at home? My wife has done well, always doing everything she can to make a meal and try not to affect my work after eating it.. Seeing her toiling to prepare the food and bring it up to the table, I always have a complicated feeling inside me. Alas, what a blessing I’ve had in my life to find such a good wife! As for her, she is not arrogant and impetuous. She silently pays for me and for this family.. Because she is busy at work, she has to pull a few times to eat and go to work, so she seldom has time to call me. If she suddenly receives a phone call from her wife one day, she can probably guess what she will say.. Husband, I’m sorry, but I have to work overtime again today. I can’t cook for you any more! ‘ I vaguely see the other end of the phone, a little girl who has made a mistake is saying sorry to me! What can I say?? There is no point in opposing it. Why don’t you push the boat forward, get busy, and I’ll have a good time myself?!     Wife busy, full, courteous. No matter to her family, colleagues or friends, she has such a mentality: she has not done enough and owes too much to others. She always has a grateful heart, silently doing her own thing, selflessly offering, never wanting to ask for more, and always asking herself to do better. This reminds me of the sun, which shines on the earth and warms the world, but does not want anything from this world. Wife is my sun, is our sun!     A few days ago, my wife was on duty for two consecutive days and did not go home to take care of me. She felt very guilty and called two good friends and invited me to the restaurant for dinner.. I listened, ashamed and happy, ashamed of being such a big man, I also want my wife to take care of me. I am delighted that my wife loves me so much.. In small talk, a friend asked her, you are always full of energy and joy. What secret can you keep yourself happy and happy?. My wife’s words really made me feel overwhelmed and moved the listener: ” People, it’s not easy in my life. Why do you worry all day long?”? Happy for a year, sad and full of complaints, also for 365 days. Complaining too much, hurting oneself and hurting others, and what good is it? How can we be happy? I think that everyone who is unhappy is always self-centered and thinks too much about himself. He always feels that the world owes him a lot: his parents owe him, did not buy him a big house, and did not find him a good object. The children who owe him fail to support him well. What a friend owes him does not protect him and help him everywhere. As for myself, I always feel that I should do less, but I should get a lot, and everyone in this world owes him. In terms of action, it is asking too much for everything around it and asking too much for it.. If a person always thinks about what he owes others, treats others with gratitude, treats the world, lives and works happily, and pays without regard for compensation, will he still not be happy?? Things are so simple. If everyone can change their mentality, how beautiful the world would be? Yes, if everyone can treat the world in a different way, it will be much better and life much happier? In the flickering candlelight, I looked at my wife whose face was getting old and her mood was difficult to calm: she was getting old and her ruddy face gradually turned into wrinkles, but she was still so beautiful!