Appreciate affection and feel happiness

On the 9th, at the invitation of my classmates, I came to Hainan alone. TWELVE received a phone call from Xiaomei Wei on the 20th informing them that they were already in Hainan, and asked me to go to their residence and have dinner at once.. Surprise! Question: Are you kidding me? Elder sister, get off at Chunyuan Seafood Square. We’ll wait for you here. ‘ oh my god, it’s true! Good, no surprise!!!   Meet me. Kid sister and Wen couple, as well as a group of five employees from the company, came to Hainan for a tour. At dinner, Wen said, ” elder sister, order now, we came to see you specially. if we don’t drink, we must eat more.”,’ after you leave, we don’t trust ourselves. we discussed with Wei, and our company did well last year, so we brought them here with us.. ‘ listen to this sentence is sincere, I already choked out speechless. Yes, I’m not in a good mood this time in Hainan. I should say I went out with my emotions.. However, at this moment, all the grievances and unhappiness in my heart have long ceased to exist, and only the warmth brought to me by this blood-thicker than water family is enough!   A week later, we played what we should, and little sister began to mobilize me to go back. Think about the oath I made when I came here. I must stick to it. Well, I got a job and settled the problem of living. I went to the seaside to see the scenery during my rest, and met many villagers from northeast China and sat by the seaside to have a chat.. However, over time, the scenery that is no better than being alone will also feel boring. One day, walking alone on the way to the seaside, thinking of my loved ones and those who care about me, tears could not stop flowing down.. For the first time away from home so long; I felt homesick for the first time. For the first time, I felt lonely away from my relatives. For the first time, I appreciate the happiness of being cared for by relatives..   Wen said: ” Elder sister, when we all leave, your feeling will be different.”. Although’ beautiful and delicious’, it has been a long time since we were away from our relatives, and the best meal is tasteless.!   This trip has made me realize the value of family ties.   Sister – in – law: Come back. We don’t trust ourselves when we are alone. Come back early, huh?   Wei: Elder sister, you have to work hard outside. If you are tired, you will not do it. Pay attention to your health!   Wen: Elder sister, what kind of work and money do you earn? If you want to stay, you can play for a few more days. If you have enough, you can go back.   Third Sister: Elder sister, do you adapt there? Pay attention to your health and take care of yourself. We all miss you.   Ray: Mom, don’t work for money, as long as you have a good time. Come back whenever you want to.   Whenever I think of these kind words, phone calls and text messages, I feel warm and happy.   I’m home.. It feels good to be home.!