Minister of Education: training institutions will be listed "black list" published the whole society

Data Figure: Chen Baosheng。
Reporter Hou Yushe Not long ago, the Ministry of Education and other ministries jointly carry out the deployment of special operations training institute。
Chen Baosheng said that the management action is to rectifying and standardizing the order of education, reduce the burden on students in extracurricular, mainly outside the burden of this one。
We are here talking about the burden, mainly refers to the examination-oriented education outweigh the burden of this part of the syllabus。   Chen Baosheng said that this measure is not to close the market off-campus training, but for education and training order taken, only to rectify violations, increase the burden, disrupting part of the training market。 The responsibility to implement the local government, the education sector is the frontline command。
  It is understood that the main contents of governance are: first, at the statutory level, mainly to check violations, it is to check qualifications。 Second, the hardware level, mainly security check。 Third, check the syllabus on the teaching level。
Shorter than teaching, short on training, advertising longer than, longer than propaganda, with the enrollment rate, the so-called packaging grades to create anxiety in the parents, which is not allowed。 Fourth, check the behavior at the management level。
Mainly check the teacher, the teacher does not speak according to the outline in the classroom, extracurricular beyond the outline to talk, which is not allowed。 Charles principals management is not in place, a variety of training institutions and training results can not be linked to enrollment。
Fifth, the responsibility to check on the implementation of the。
The education sector is not shot?With the relevant departments did not?This is a systems engineering。 Should put their respective responsibilities led away, the real use of the right to use them, it will be able to run。   Chen Baosheng said that governance stepwise advance。 The first stage is the introduction of a "notice", already dry up。
The second stage is to carry out a comprehensive rectification on the basis of。
This phase is substantially complete the task by the end of this year, we have to request to be around one by one。 The third stage is a two-step on the basis of the former, further study and formulate policies and measures listed in the "black list" of training institutions, "white list", published the whole society, to win the support of the whole society, while seeking to supervise the whole society we run this thing together。
The first step is to dry Governance。
The second step is to introduce the views of a building specification development, the development of this opinion under study。

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