Winter baby sleeping baby nasal congestion stuffy nose how to do how to do

3, and can give the baby back, that is, below the neck position, and slowly rub, rub the baby fever, usually through the nose。 4, if the above method baby's nose pain or not, it it easy to buy baby cartridge to vent bitie affixed, relatively fast so that the effective。 Not recommended cleaning method: ① swab Baoma This is the most common method, cotton hard, not with the baby when the baby will damage the nasal mucosa, causing severe bleeding, nasal edema, nasal congestion worse。 ② earpick / special forceps parents must not be used。 These are metal equipment, the baby would cause serious damage。 ③ nasal congestion after a little water baby nasal secretions crusting, parents afraid to pull the nasal cavity directly to the baby, but a little water to soften the nose scab, this method is very dangerous, first of all water can not soften the nose scab, another point water into the nasal cavity or into the airway, the airway choking water asphyxiant。 ④ winter baby stuffy nose how to do point vegetable oil This method is also not desirable, and the consequences of the same water flow intake can cause suffocation, while vegetable oil is not necessarily sterile, can cause secondary infections, as well as viscous vegetable oil, clogged nasal cavity glands。
④ nasal drops nasal drops by more than a "ephedrine" component, will cause the baby tachycardia; some nasal drops containing hormones, can cause nasal bleeding risk baby, anti-allergy nasal drops cause drowsiness baby , and almost all will cause nose nasal vasoconstriction, antiallergic, reduce nasal secretion。
So, no matter what causes nasal congestion, nasal drops do not recommend the use of baby。