What are the causes of cancer formation?The body has these symptoms should pay attention to (1)

  In our daily lives, cancer is a very serious disease, many people have been plagued by cancer, then what foods can be effective anti-cancer it on weekdays, which, you know cancer early What are the symptoms it?The next night on the net and go to look at it。  What are unreasonable eating habits and diet, easily lead to continued growth of gastrointestinal tumors; stay up late can cause biological clock disorders, decreased immune function, leukemia, breast cancer, it is easy to find the door; sedentary people suffering from colon than regular exercise the possibility of cancer by 40% to 50%; and long-term in the excited state of tension, an important cause of ovarian cancer。  Cancer big data suggest that only 10%?30% of cancers can be attributed to genetic mutations, close to 90% of cancers can be traced to lifestyle, environmental factors。
Control smoking can reduce by 23%?25% of cancer-related deaths; for stomach cancer, liver cancer and cervical cancer, the control of chronic infection can reduce deaths by 29%。  So, about 60% of cancers are preventable。
In addition, one study found that China, China's most common cancers (lung, stomach, liver, esophagus) five-year survival rates are less than 30%。This figure shocking, but you can take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of cancer, for example, in addition to not smoking, it must also control alcohol intake。
  In China, every five deaths among cancer is because there is an excessive intake of alcohol。Please control your alcohol intake, reduce cancer risk。
In addition, a balanced diet, eat more vegetables and fruits to maintain an active lifestyle, will help reduce the risk of cancer。  Early symptoms of cancer bloating。
Many women believe that bloating is very common, no big deal。
However, this may be symptoms of ovarian cancer。
Persistent abdominal swelling, there is pressure and pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, difficulty eating or easy satiety, for several weeks, it may be a sign of ovarian cancer。
  Irregular bleeding。Abnormal vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycles and bleeding urine easily overlooked women。They are likely to be a major sign of common gynecological cancer, endometrial cancer, there are at least three-quarters of women have this symptom after being diagnosed suffering from endometrial cancer。
The stool bleeding may be a sign of colon cancer。
  Breast lumps。When women find breast skin redness, lumps, will exceptionally careful。Especially breast skin rash, and continued for several weeks to subside and have to go check。In addition, she pointed out, non-lactating women, nipple retraction, and often out of the liquid, but also the bad signal。
With increasing age, body pain will increase。But certain parts of the body inexplicable pain and when more than a week, you should identify the cause as soon as possible, because the unprovoked pain may be signs of cancer。  Most cancers can lead to fatigue physically weak phenomenon。
Usually if you sleep enough rest, but still feel weak and tired, the child in the amount of time, do not delay, rush to the hospital to be checked physically weak fatigue。Most cancers can lead to fatigue physically weak phenomenon。Usually if you sleep enough rest, but still feel weak and tired, the child in the amount of time, do not delay, rush to the hospital to be checked。