Rockets hit Gangster feet!Abandoned LA superstar 1 flagrant foul

Beijing on March 23, at home against the Houston Rockets today the beginning of the third quarter of the Detroit Pistons, James – Harden steals Blake – Griffin made after the latter third of the foul, but accidentally stepped on the foot Griffin on, escaped injury。 Griffin also was sentenced flagrant foul。
This scene appears in the third 11 minutes 12 seconds。 Harden had the top defense Griffin successful steals, with Hou Hadeng the ball and play up front, suddenly pull-third, Griffin stepped forward to block, referee whistle rang out suddenly。 But this time Harden did not get up for a long time lying on the floor, with his left foot and slow activity。 Then he stood up, slowly pacing the field also。
Slow motion replays showed, when Griffin flying third shot blocked Harden, Harden violated to the take-off area, while Harden landing, his left foot accidentally stepped on the foot Griffin。 Fortunately, this is not serious Wei feet, but the referee has to make heavy penalties, Griffin received a flagrant foul。 Harden get the chance to spend as much as three free throws, and 3 penalty 2。
Then the Rockets continue to have the ball, Harden Biography Eric – Gordon, who cross the sideline Trevor – Trevor Ariza soared in 3 minutes, the scene thunderous applause。 Fans laugh: "Griffin and the Rockets fans have forged a certain distance operator。 "We still remember the year, January 16 rocket fighting off the Clippers, tense game, Griffin has had and Chris – Paul, Gordon conflict, then also expelled。
Today in the Motor City Zaiyu Griffin, Paul did not play, but unexpectedly Griffin again "upstage"。 (Demons)。