Analysts say if the British withdraw from the EU GDP possible loss of 2.2%

BEIJING, March 24, according to foreign media reports, some experts believe that if the British withdraw from the EU, its 2030 gross domestic product may therefore suffer 2.2% permanent loss, and the United Kingdom alone with the former partner countries signed a free trade agreement is not sufficient to offset this loss。  Think Tank "Open Europe", said the assumption that the British withdraw from the EU, we can not reach a free trade agreement with EU partners before, do not seek to carry out the process of free trade agreements with other countries of the world, which could result in the loss of British gross domestic product 2.2%。  The think-tank researchers noted Ideally, the United Kingdom and European Union countries to reach a free trade agreement, while drastically deregulating the economy, and the full liberalization of trade with countries around the world as possible, so that by 2030, the British gross domestic product than to stay expected to be higher than in the EU 1.6%。  However, this also means that the British working population have to face greater competition in low-cost countries。"Open Europe" Main Xili Qi said: "If Britain withdrew from the EU, but adopt protectionist policies, it would be the worst situation。"