Networking, sharing black economy hardest hit industries

Internet Security 2017 annual report: According to Tencent Security recently released "2017 Annual Internet Security Report" concluded that by mid-2017 network security can be described as both opportunities and challenges。
On the one hand, the network attacks, information leakage, fraud, pyramid schemes and other security incidents, and the constant ringing public data, information security alarm。
On the other hand, from June 1 formally implemented the "Network Security Act", the new law enacted laws to allow the majority of Internet users in the virtual world, means that the network management space, network information and communication order specification, punish cyber crime, etc. Since then open a new page。
Cybercrime diversified outbreak, the emergence of new Internet + Security Focus "report" that in mid-2017 outbreak of cybercrime was diversified, multiple Internet emerging industries emerged in varying degrees of security threats: field, continuous burst in mid-2017. " family cameras hacked ',' equipment WAP2 wireless security protocol has been cracked 'and other security incidents, information security issues was brought to the cusp; sharing the economic field, "possession" means the increasingly popular direct threat to user data privacy and property; digital encryption money off "currency speculation" boom, leading to blackmail virus, mining Trojan attacks become extremely popular in the past year。 By the end of 2017, a product called "tlMiner" of mining Trojans, hidden spread in the "Jedi to survive," auxiliary program in a single day, affecting up to 200,000 users。 "Report" analysis, with digital encryption currency prices continued to rise in 2018 by the criminal activities of the sky or digitally encrypted currency will show a high trend。
The number of new mobile virus end package, the number of users infected with the "double down" According to statistics, a total of 2017 PC terminal block viruses nearly 30 million times, compared to 2016 decreased 36 year.2%; an amount of a newly discovered virus.3.6 billion, compared with 2016, down 8 year.6%。
In the mobile terminal, the total number of 2017 Tencent intercepted Android new virus package of 15.45 million, compared to 2016 fell almost a fifth。 The number of mobile phone users is 1 infection.8.8 billion, 62-year decline compared to 2016.4%。
These data demonstrate that, despite the virus mid-2017 the situation is more complex, but with the implementation of effective defense landing "Cybersecurity Act", and security vendors, or the amount of virus has been effectively alleviated。
In addition, the public Wi-Fi, the data show, in 2017 the total number of public Wi-Fi Ultra 3.3.6 billion, has become the basic needs of users。
At the same time, the number of WiFi-risk show a slow growth trend, accounting for an average monthly total of 11.46%, WiFi proportion of high risk is not high, the average monthly accounting for only 0.66%。 The introduction of financial fraud MLM approach, stakeholder-based financial crime presents complex new technology features with the popularity of the country's financial innovation, as well as artificial intelligence, network black chain has gradually developed into a more advanced model financial fraud and other。 "Report" shows that in mid-2017, the cumulative Tencent situational awareness system found potentially risky financial platform of tens of thousands。
At the same time, financial fraud and criminal activities began to introduce direct sales approach, greater harm。 Virtual currency pyramid, for example, found that a total of more than 1000 virtual currency, virtual currency which MLM 200 kinds, all kinds of virtual currency market value of nearly $ 250 billion, the peak of the virtual currency of up to 8 million participants。
"Report" said that the current financial crime with a multi-stakeholder oriented features, and showing a "+ Internet + MLM illegal fund-raising" of complex new features, this feature in 2018 is likely to continue。 In addition, the "report" also pointed out that the future development of the network will show a black producing four new trend: making blatant extortion of extortion virus victimizers approach will be popular in the future; criminal gangs began to put on legitimacy, the modus operandi is more subtle; black production target From?End extending into the B-side, while the "brush-vote party", against the pressure of the challenges of "wool party", "brush pink party" and continue to increase; construction credits in related fields may gradually be produced coveted black, criminal means to more advanced the hit library drag library, fraud and other precise model of development。 Virus extortion directed at the office crowd, enterprise security threats intensified "Report" noted that since mid-2017, companies face the risk of a variety of network attacks, security crisis further exacerbated。
In the past year, "WannaCry", "Petya", "BadRabbit" blackmail virus outbreak in a row, to the impact of the global network security defense。 Affected blackmail virus, many of the world large-scale enterprise applications and data files are encrypted, and even affect the normal operation of the national critical infrastructure airports, subways and other serious harm to the world。
According to the "Report" statistics, in 2017 the total annual number of samples of extortion virus detected in 6.6 million, the average monthly number of extortion virus was detected nearly 550 000。 Lawless extortion virus spread way is varied, in addition to the use of system vulnerabilities such as WannaCry spread, it is the development of a file is infected, the site linked to horse, mail attachments, file sharing network, spread five major supply chain software means, so that the user very hard to detect。
Especially for the workplace office crowd, once accidentally entered a well-framed criminals phishing sites, or download email attachments toxic will be caught。 (Jinyang)。